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E-DUBBLE : Life Coach lyrics

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E-DUBBLE lyrics : "Life Coach"

(intro) x2
pass me my drink, pass me my smoke
tonight we gon' play, tomorrow we coach

live how I live, $#&@ how I croak
I drink it all in, and laugh when I choke

Verse 1
2 hands, 1 cup
1 mouth, 1 blunt

we drink, we cut
addictions live for making days not suck - not suck
we go, too far

we push, too hard
we bleed, we scar
we live to learn until they pull that card -

add up all the good days, and the great nights
--the red eyes from the times we take flights
the hand shakes the mistakes from late nights

we tip-toe back to the place we play nice
we play fair so the bridge stays unburned
we take paths where the rocks are unturned

we dismiss when their stars are unearned
we all obsessed with the times we been burned
so burn it up like we have to do it

you can do it, put your back into it
ice cubes in my jazzer fluid
the lingo lingers of brash influence

that's me with the P on the cap
that's me n' Mike Oher in the back
that's me with 3 birds, 1 Philly, passing out a flyer

talkin' bout a sixer getting smashed
that cup - my jawn
that cup - mind blowin'

I sip - I'm gone
-nice trip, I'm home
1 bed, 2 sheets

that wind, my peace - at least until' the morning -
my life's a board game but I keep from snoring

Verse 2
the days go by fast and it grinds my gears
---fly by til' you buy the leer

fine wine, keep mine a beer
i'll square dance with those squares
who I hired to CHEAH!

it's no problem when the sun is out
unless it's too long then the guns get out
- the robber, cop- thang, the auld lang syne

we need need a fresh start so the guns don't BANG
but the drums do -- so we keep it on time
like we swiss but the cheese isn't lunch food

we need lunch food - we need brain food
we need something strong enough to just cling to
we need to dance and sing and clink mugs

we need a chance to live and do drugs
we need to drop the act and give hugs
wrap your brain around but the brain rap - SUCKS

so we run with- excesses
we ignore- our messes
we stand up, we sit down

they throw it? we catch it
we obey - until we blast off -
no leash we be barking like a mad dog

211 on the double if it's last call
411 on the ladies with no $$# fault
--so she can lay the pipe- (get it?)

construction worker - she's great at night (get it?)
lights are on, cameras out
EMS, mouth to mouth

no tryptophan when there's trips to plan
she flips the script we hit Switzerland
she chocolates up, endorphins flow

she licks her lips as we hit the floor and we


"Bang, Bang, Bang on the drum baby"

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