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E-DUBBLE : Backseat lyrics

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E-DUBBLE lyrics : "Backseat"

I've been walking with my drink on empty
My drink on empty, but %#@!, I'mma fill that cup
I've been smoking with my mind on plenty

My mind on plenty, but %#@!, I'mma focus up
Yeah, we gon' sweat, Yeah, we gon' work
Yeah, we gon' drink, I jump in head first

My hands are so high, my hands are so big
Just hand me that mic, I'll rock this whole crib

Backseat in the whip, The stereo's yanked
Dismiss the slow flow, The process so dank

In fifty-two weeks I broke the whole bank
You're talking too loud, I'd hate to pull rank
Take a deep breath, Take a big drink

I'm smoking that stuff that makes me wan' think
I love this whole %#@!, I'm never gon' stop
I baked it just right, This %#@! is just hot

[Verse 2]
I got a portrait of myself in the front hall

Reassure me or more, it'll never fall
If it does pick it up like "there he go"
He's on the rise, No surprise, No miracles

Eh yo, Chop Chop Suey
I'm Hong Kong Phooey with this rap %#@!
Running through this world with my glass on massive

Sipping on something hard enough to put me on my $$#
But I'm loving this feeling like I'm hearing them classics
Yeah, we did it, yeah, we done done it

We doing what we love, still keeping it on a hundred
The Two Tone Rebel never fret it, never stunt it
Cuz I'm thinking about change

Not the %#@! that comes with money and OHHH
I still get it in abundance
That ain't my focus. In focus, that's ugly

In focus, I'm focused, No Hokus no Pokus
Smoke on that dope %#@! and hope for the hopeless


[Verse 3]

Air horns hit the cerebellum like a ton of bricks
86 that bull%#@! like I'm 46
26 is when I hit with that double F

Plenty stress but never worry I got plenty left
Talk about it like a nuisance, A menace to your health
A menace to subside, no perfection is itself

A stupid contradiction that will never $#&@ing happen
You spilled you chocolate milk, go grab a motha' $#&@ing napkin
Because I'm sick of this %#@!, my pocket's ready to roll

I've been patient as $#&@, I've been paying the tolls
I've been pushing my whip at a reasonable speed
I got Louis the Dog and a chick on her knees

I got one on the floor, I got one on the seat
I got one on the low,I keep one on the leash
But now I'm gonna go get it, Yeah I'm gonna go get it

I said I gotta go get it so I'm gonna go get it

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