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E-40 : Til The Dawn lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Til The Dawn"

(feat. Suga Free, Bosko)
Testing testing, Bosko where they at

Tonight swinger what we getting into

[Chorus: Bosko - 2x]

If you wanna dance we can do it tonight
If you wanna smoke c'mon it's alright
If you wanna drink c'mon we popping Don Perion

Doing the damn thang till the dawn

[E-40: Bridge]

Love me tender, love me sweet, I'm a thug, pack my heat
All I do is spit these ki's, L-I-P's, overseas
Get your feddy, stack your bread

Make them duck heads give you head
If it's money, bout them dollas
Jack your stacks and pop your collars

[Verse 1: E-40]
Ooooh, fa shiggedel

So slick, so sly, so slal
Ghost pick, those thighs, those gals
Came prepared, to my last show

Fire it up, wire it up off of the a sal
Hide in the birds trying to throw it at me now
Let me breathe on you for a minute as I snatch up

This fine $$# little brusslesprout and I have to apprehend her


[Verse 2: Suga Free]
Now guess what, what, chicken butt

(*##$ goody goody, wait a minute
It wouldn't be cracking if my cousin
4-Tre wasn't in it, goody goody

Now if you wanna dance, smoke, drink
We got the party cracking like all for you baby
Goody goody, god, make a pimp wanna jump back

Goody goody, don't stop, the beat rock
Cause we hot, the heat rock, and don't stop
Believing, just get your money where you're breathing

This is for the thugs set butts in they laps, goody goody
And this is for E-40 and The Click in the land goody goody


[Verse 3: E-40]

I prosaic, chemically imbalanced
Black folks, lactose and talerance
Red cup, strictly riding gut

Hard licking tricking, (*##$ playa banked up
Love the baby with the big butt
Walking up, to my F5-50 truck

What's your name, Sandra
Like that, where you from, Atlanta

[E-40: Bridge]

[Chorus - 2x]

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