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E-40 : Rear View Mirror lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Rear View Mirror"

[Chorus x2:]
My rear view mirror is vibrating ([echo:] vibrating) [x2]
The beat keeps knockin down my rear view mirror

Say uh,

Which way should I steer uhinbr
The beat keeps knockin down my rear view mirror
Blankin like a mother$#&@a swervin'

Hope I don't inbr in my 2010 suburban
My right pocket be feudin with my left pocket

Cuz my left pocket be havin a thumper in it
My left pocket be feudin with my right pocket
Cuz my right pocket be havin mo money in it

See that chick right thereinbr she a lil ol' [email protected]#%
She said e-40's a FILF. FILFinbr
Father I Like to $#&@

I said "lil girl, you way too young for me
What you need to do is go and get your mommy
I heard she's got some vicious dome action

Gobble game is fire
Suction cup lips, suck the air out a tire"
Hips butt tits (*##$ call me sire

& I wont stop Mack-in' till I retire

[Chorus x2]


It's cookies in my swisher
Boy like the blunt
It's dub 7s in my trunk bout to make %#@! jump

I do my own stunts, this my favorite one
Dick stickin in the same position till the (*##$ c*m
& baby I'm the one, cold as a glacier

Heart like coal in the soul of a gangster
& I can make you famous
Better yet dangerous

Courageous, leave the game so contagious
Outrageous, amazin', I keep the %#@! blazin'
Can't nobody face 'em only money can persuade 'em,

Bottles by the cases, models get wasted,
Diamonds in my chain, some more up in my bracelet
Pocket full of paper

Miss me with that fake %#@!
The 40 cal will spit till somethin' get hit
Honor thy mother, but $#&@ these (*##$es

I keep the game vicious, I'm ridiculous (I'm ridiculous)

[Chorus x2]

[Instrumental bass boosted]

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