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E-40 : Rat Heads lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Rat Heads"

Rat heads get nothin but cheese y'all
(The ^!$$% that talks, he's a (*##$) [4x]

Would you look, would you listen
^!$$%s be snitchin, talkin, rattin

All up in the joint, man, singin, chattin
Talkin all that old really fruitful riff-raff-ass %#@!, mayn
Speakin on every ^!$$% in the mutha$#&@in dope game

He's scared like a mice
Po-po's talkin about 25 to life
But real ^!$$%s do the time, and pay the price, though

Rat heads give up game to the vice, you know
Trick sap wanna hang hisself like a dick
Just because he got popped with a half a zip

Chow time, ^!$$%s rush for the vittles
But rat head wants to the talk to the po-pos
Get me outta here, dude, I'm losin weight stressin

So they offer that man some police protection
He couldn't be from the Hillside or the south
Cause my side of town don't go runnin off at the mouth

Mickey Mouse spilled his guts
He said, "They all drive Chevys and Cuts'"
But they let him out without a doubt

Nothin-ass ^!$$%, he straight ratted us out


But since he sang such a good song
The pigs even gave his $$# a ride home
The blind mice couldn't read braille

They made him sit in the front seat, and drove him all over Vallejo
Popo's gives up no slack, all through the dope tracks
Lettin this %#@! really be known, jack

To get a bit too far, kind of ridiculously
Handed the rat some money, and said, "Nnow you work for me"
He was all for the scratch, see, and just like a batch, gee

The ^!$$% played the role of a #[email protected]
Little old peck, crevas-faced [email protected]$)got
^!$$% sold out, and now he wears a snitch jacket

On the turf they wants to get with his p.g.
But it'll draw too much heat, so they wait patiently
He won't be seen no time soon

Cause in the V-Town he's doomed
Packed up and straight cut to susun
Got in the grill with all the hoods and thugs

Expressin, "I'm from the V-Town, duke 707"
^!$$%s and (*##$es was trippin and %#@!, havin a fit
He said, "I even know E-40 and the $#&@in Click"

They damn near %#@!ted, boss
Not knownin that the ^!$$% was lyin his $$# off
Meanwhile, back in Vallejo

Brothers gettin knocked for possession of sale
The other races get away clean, brother
But ^!$$%s, we always gotta rat on each other

A party jumps off on Blueberg Street

Vallejo ^!$$%s in that mutha$#&@a hella deep
No funk, no static, nobody's thinkin about a war
We got Grump in the house, Rhythm X, and hoes galore

Baththub full of liqor and wine
M.D. 20/20, Ever Clear, and Rossi wine
All the danksters gather up

They play the five second game. hold it in, and get stupid stuck
Hoes gettin poked in the backroom
Fools goin home smellin like perfume

Nothin but ballers from different towns
A house full of Nino Browns
Shootin pool, playin craps and dominos

^!$$%s jackin off decks and five point o's
It's all good, cause nobody gives a $#&@
But look who pops up

(The ^!$$% that talks, he's a (*##$)
Vallejo ^!$$%s yelled out (Snitch!)
Mobbed his $$#, beat him down to the dirt

And straight went bezerk

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