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E-40 : My Drinking Club lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "My Drinking Club"

(feat. Young Mugzi)
Step right up!
From the East to the West, from the North to the South

Sign up right'ere, your scheduled membership
to the drinkin club



They got you soaked (that's right)
I see your cup up (drink it to em)
Let's get drunk

and get my fortune out of my drinking club


E-40 in the C-L-I-C
Stuck up in the house, party top celebrity
Burpin and gurpin, gelchin the bourbon, lurkin around

I'm seein all kinda broads, from outta town
Uhh, top hots, tycoons, big cheeses
Plus the perpetual jahahnjawel priestess

Homies and lurkers and things like that up under the vertical shade
Rovers in lamborghinis swimming pink bikinis, lingerie
Tryin to knock her big $$# by all bus lights on Fridays

If you're not a member of my drinking club, sideways
What kind of mother$#&@in perculatoins you ^!$$%z got
up in the refridgerator?

Who wanna join my drinkin club, sign up the legislature
Might not know how to read and write but I do know how to count money
You can call me Lieutenant $#&@ a Hoe but all the ruskie runny

You can dip but don't screw up, speakers on sub
Beat your $$#, my drinking club

[chorus w/ variations 2X]

[Young Mugzi]

I got you perved on some of the righteous, who's the tightest
I'm down with pipes fifth and gallons of the finest nitrous
Oh girl now pass the joint to the ^!$$% big head

Where I hear about your scheamin but the rotations I don't jinn
Who dog sin? Big fin is what I'm rollin
You know how I do, I got bunny boo boo grippin and totin

Fools be pimpin, we guaranteed to have you spittin
Bobcat tight, while I'm pullin secure out my linen
I'm nothin but a baller, alkaholic (*##$es pop my collar

Tearin down #[email protected] walls in your mother$#&@in daughter
M-O-S, S-I-E
M-U-G, and K-I-V

Always to' with E-4-0
Hit the air like cubes by a liquor store

Mother$#&@ers better know, we gets down like that
Straighten up, beer mugs, my drinkin cup (*##$!

[chorus w/ variations 2X]

So damn deep, I can't call it
I guess I'm just an alkaholic
Huh, dagnabbit, doggonit

Ya Hillside hillbilly vomit
Back and forth to the bathroom constantly
All the actors gather up, and watch me

Get super twisted highly afflicted every day a cherry
Go on my body and throw up on the bartender
Pull out a wad of money, ballers up to par

Treat the whole party, by buyin up the bar
Sharp pain and orange juice got my moose up
Stainless artichokes, tequila poppes, Medusas

Better prepare myself for the upset stomach, ohhh
Stop by the M.P. on the way home and pick up a bottle of Pepto-Bismol

Step right up now last call for alcohol
Get your hurricane gorilla member here ya monsters

That's right, cause when we and my mother$#&@in entourage
get together and we come back from a mother$#&@in concert
and the afterpaty jumpin off, I wanna see ID's, we got video cameras
We checkin all you [email protected]$(s under 21 or under 18 or whatever however
Ya understand that? You better have your membership card

if you wanna come join my mother$#&@in drinkin club, understand that (*##$?

[A:] It's the drinkin club, we gets to' back main
Once you drink with us, you won't be the same
The drinkin club, we can't slow down main

We're gonna drink you all, we got a monster pit

That's right

[B:] I wanna get high, I wanna get loaded

and tuck, throw up, and drink again

[repeat A, first line of B, then chorus 5X (E-40 talking throughout)]

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