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E-40 : Money Scheme lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Money Scheme"

(feat. Jayo Felony)
[Jayo] W-wh-wha, what, wha-what what?
[E-40] BEOTCH!

Mobster, turn that %#@! up!
[Jayo] Yeah, uh-huh uh-huh UH
[E-40] Sinister %#@!

[Jayo] Uh-huh uh-huh WHAT?
[E-40] Jayo, Jayo smell me on this one

Jayo (Jayo)
I hope I don't ever have to go back to slangin

llello (llello) but if I do that's what I do (that's what I do)
[repeat 2X]

[Verse One: E-40]
Grindin out of my Aunties, backyard that's the chronic
I been havin more candy than a pinata, more cake than Betty Crocker

Get on the horn and hit me on my locker, cause I'm fake ID havin
strikin and drivin on a suspended expired license comes in buy it
from the ^!$$% with the best quality and the lowest prices

Spendin that capital that the big homey advanced me
in front of me with the next ^!$$%
I love money plus I'm labelled rough rider

Known for bringin (*##$ $$# ^!$$%z out of hidin

[Jayo Felony]

Charlie Hustle, I hope I won't have to go back
to sellin sherm sticks, but if I do that's what I do
Charlie Hustle, I hope I won't have to go back

to sellin loop loop, but if I do that's what I do

[Verse Two: Jayo Felony]

I stabs a ^!$$%, and Kool-Aid came out
cause his heart pumps Kool-Aid, so I mixed it with my Thunderchicken
Barely livin, and smokin headache with a deuce-deuce

Now I gotta put my snub nosed back to use
I'm dangerous it gets crucial, cause I loves conflict
$#&@ a headache I'm jackin ^!$$%z for pounds of bomb %#@!

And now my fingers is sticky like Sticky Fingaz from the greenery
You gon' retaliate, ^!$$% what that mean to me? (*##$!
When you shoot crooked it's Cartwright, on site I'm takin flight

It's gon' rain on your head, I'm tearin the roof off this (*##$ tonight
As you fall like Guy, for tryin to swipe my pie
^!$$% DIE while your (*##$ give up the Beaumont


[Jayo] All my ^!$$%z havin fancy dreams! (FANCY DREAMS!)
Comin up cause we all on a money scheme! (A money scheme!)
[repeat 2X]

[Jayo] All my (*##$es havin fancy dreams! (FANCY DREAMS!)
Comin up cause we all on a money scheme! (A money scheme!)
[repeat 2X]

[Verse Three: E-40]
RRRRAP for free, ^!$$% !#@* the hype

BEOTCH! You gotta pay me just to BREATHE on the mic
High, higher than a dust cloud
Hella disrespectful, all up in the party talkin loud!

Systemized, a triple striker, when I was born
my mom and daddy shoulda named me Isiah cause I'm a Rider
Sole survivor, Hillsider, 1400 block Magazine Street

Narcotic ? bomb preparer [email protected](% provider
I'm vicious, mean mugged and mad doggin ^!$$%z like the
like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas

I like to, like to, finger $#&@ (*##$es up in clubs
Take her home and get rug burns on my nuts!
Stuck! Gordon's Gin and Donald Duck

NUT! All on her spine and on her butt
!#@*! Major clientele (major clientele)
Then I pass it to my ^!$$% Mista Jayo

[Verse Four: Jayo Felony]
? up the glass is shatterin, (*##$ it ain't matterin

They scatterin, see me and forty start splatterin
The cowards are heartless, so you burn like flames
^!$$%z that got snake eyes get broke up like dice games
$#&@ a (*##$, why? Cause skeezers don't please us
So I just go around sippin fine wine like Jesus

And everytime I bust a spit it's a hip-hop quote
Drinkin Moesha Brandy, head spinnin like hundred spokes


[Verse Five: Jayo Felony]
Still drinkin Krypton
brothers is Snapple then I snap like a snapping turtle
^!$$%, %#@!tin on the world keeps my land fertile
I grow my own %#@!, fruits, vegetables and tobacco

It's third down and forty ^!$$%
You know you gon' get tackled
Get your land while you can old man
^!$$%z so dope they named me twice like Duran Duran
Killa ^!$$% put honey on em, and feed em to my hogs

See I leave no evidence for the police dogs
Now off the low stroll we go so let's flow
Lil' (*##$, we the %#@! because the people said so
You can't tell a lettuce from a cabbage silly rabbits
get these chips even if it means lettin these mother$#&@ers have it!

[Verse Six: E-40]
^!$$% got out of line, I had to ice him
Reached into my drawers, and pulled out my strap
Mother$#&@er got out of place, I had to chop him
Reached into my d-da-da-das and pulled out my strap, check it out
Nickle plated chrome planet Clint Eastwood special
designed strictly for staplin and toe taggin

Po-Po wrote me up a citation cause I was saggin and draggin
my b-ah-(*##$, by her w-uh-weave
I had to, I had to make the (*##$ bleed! Last New Year's Eve
she tried to hit me with a fryin pan, my attitude wasn't carin
Backslapped that hoe in front of her parents
More ki's than a janitor
It gets mannisher and mannisher and mannisher

Smokin on a roach, loitering in a McDonald's parkin lot
throwin up gang signs
to ? as if he was some kind of first base coach
I luh I like my egg poached, hard over easy!!!
In the drive through, hollerin at her breezy!!!


[talking to end]

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