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E-40 : Mayhem lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Mayhem"

(feat. A-1, Big Bonna)
Bout, bout bout, bout bout, bout bout
bout, bout bout, bout bout, bout bout bout [2x]

Me and my guys be lurking the streets plottin upside down smiling

Bummin no matter Skully, hoods, bandannas, bullets
Stocking caps Ski masks, loced out murder one classes
Those new Wallabe's, hocked up, Chuck Taylors

Permanent creased five-oh-one jeans
Throw away his real ooze machines, Chinese AK zooms, razorblades,
Jerry Curls, fingerwaves, and French braids

labeled him sinner look out for that mother$#&@er he might rob ya
^!$$%s come tatted up head in a body slang

[Big Bonna]
Well it's your ^!$$% Big Bonna ^!$$%z be creepin up on ya
Goin for the jugular, ^!$$%z trying to slug ya

Catch a ^!$$% doing all kinds of nasty things
ohh what I feel is mayhem brings
You see us on the block we doing are thuggin, the gottie

Got the whole town wonderin who the $#&@ shot him
Lookin for the body, tell me what they found,
His head in Richmond the rest in the V-town

Thinking about the set up, trying to get my red up

bout my @@#! this tech nine and get you wet up blue
So what the $#&@ they want to do,
seem like we got the vas of these ^!$$%s

caught cash and thought we was through
So $#&@ this old bat %#@!, I'll get the gat (*##$
and probably blow your brains out

looking to get my cap fit,
thinking they all acted up and while I'm at yo $$#
I'll probably put these $#&@in slugs in yo $$#

[Chorus: E-40 and Big Bonna - repeat 2X]
[E] Causing Havoc's, sparkin up chaos, bringing the ruckus

Heavy metal heaters, mobbin under bucks
[B] If you can't beat us, then join us
[E] Get on the team

Street sweepers, grenades, rifles, and M-1-sixteens


It's a cold piece of work out this way
cause the way ^!$$%s are in the baby plan ain't too safe
^!$$%s will run up in yo car and try to take your face

Move up out the plan so I trust no one take nothing for granted
{?} expanded double 0 chill hillside hillbilly like Jed Clampett
Dammit, us ^!$$%z is deep and new improved like techs

found out where he slept and laid his wave cap
Tycoon decisions, it's really too bad
that those piatchess found our bills

Sit up at the roundtable and discuss
jurisdictional boundaries and territory issues

By any means necessary, so in your chest I bury two buck shots
so who got six ^!$$%z next to carry

off these wanna be's, ^!$$%s they gonna see
And if you mother$#&@ers want some, then 'tach on to me

[Big Bonna]
You see these ^!$$%s can't flip doing things that sick (like what)
Cut off your damn dick, make you eat your own %#@!

But I love a little mayhem $#&@ it, we can do it
Don't let me get off that masso candy and some fluid



Uh uh - A element of surprise, gettin my gig on
split yo house in half, with a dreadlock wig on
When you do ya hot ones, shoot low

Cause it's a reflection programmed in the rolls
til automatics hit the floor
Dump, bust, blast, barefaces
Strike, dip, mash - like a mental patiet
Run, quick, fast, and in a hurry (biaatch)

Don't worry forty vision ain't blurry

It's like military issues, make you wish you never got in
cause now I'm stalkin ^!$$%z like a (*##$ do

Can only ride so long with that fake %#@! I take %#@!
to the limit with no gimmick in ninety-eight (*##$
So $#&@ what you say, and $#&@ what you play
I down it straight and can't wait to hear what you (*##$ ^!$$%s gotta say
If I can't keep it real you can kill me so feel me cause

I bring things to the game for my scuzzie

[Big Bonna]
We'll kick a ^!$$%s door in, hit and lick you brags
Now you ridding in a fan, pulled tight and gag

Then they pullin up out the Glad Bags, the hefty type
(But you ^!$$%z ain't got no kind of idea what a chopped up body looks like)
Then them ^!$$%z start to pull down your Levis
and bust you in the head with ruger P 85's
Call a mortician, call mark class
Somebody in this mother$#&@er bout to come up missin, best believe

[Chorus 2x]

bout, bout bout, bout bout, bout bout
bout, bout bout, bout bout, bout bout bout [2x]

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