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E-40 : Mailman lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Mailman"

Kick this %#@! about the mail man


Time for the payback, backpay
Can't let homie live to see his birthday
A.K., Forty's lettin hot ones to the kidney

Bootsee mutha$#&@a didn't know what hit him
What way, rode up on his $$# in a Chevy
Baby, ^!$$% shoulda known that %#@! was heavy

Domain, shouldn't a $#&@ up all my $#&@in fetti
That I gave him, spent my %#@! with a ^!$$% from another city
Then they doubled, tripled and sold his $$# some swivle

Little old sucker-butt ^!$$% trust the mail man
Now his $$# is trash like a garbage can
Caught up in some %#@! with the mailman

(Boom-boom!) now they gloom
My strap went boom [3x]

Had him dodgin every mutha$#&@in up in the room

They say the youngsters run the penitentiary (I think they do)
They say the youngsters doin %#@! that you wouldn't believe

They say the youngsters on the street snort hop like a mutha$#&@a
(Hm-hm) Well, check this part out, brother
(Okay) The ^!$$% that the mail man shot

Little homie went to purchase himself a brand-new glock
(That's right) Right off that hop, premiditated plot
I'll park around the corner and do a walk-by

Reconciliation, retaliation on my mind
Nothin against the muslims, but I was raised eatin swine
Trapped in the game since 1979

My ^!$$%s on the street taught me to perk and drink wine
I'm young, full of###, nothin to lose
Paid my dues, I'm settin the rules

I got some clues, and I refuse
To let the sucker that killed my homie get away smooth

(Boom-boom!) now they gloom
My strap went boom [3x]

When I see the mail man, then his $$# is doomed


Thinkin, tweakin, sniffin, hoppin, plottin
Schemin, actin like a demon
My pores is stinkin, and I'm all sweaty

Hallucinatin, smellin like burnt spaghetti
Oh no, the mail man gotta go
He killed my homie, but he forgot that it was one mo'

To go, so I figured that he's after me
Till the word on the streets is that I'm after him
True, now I'm waitin for departure

Cause I'm never late on arrival
Grabbed the landmines, bazookas, grenades, and tommy-o
And I can't forget the glock, cause it's the most reliable

%#@!, $#&@ it, I'ma just take the glock deep
I scoped out his spot, I know where he sleeps
Hot-wired the Thunderbird

I'm headed for the suburbs
Mobbin, doin about a buck fifty
Took the third exit to another part of the city

Now I'm his presence, about to let him have it
Caught him walkin to his car, and now he's in a casket

(Boom-boom!) now they gloom
My strap went boom [3x]

When I see the mail man, then his $$# is doomed

(Boom-boom!) now they gloom

My strap went boom [3x]

Had him hoppin like a rabbit tryin to touch the $#&@in moon

Mail man needs money, man
F-l-a-m-b-o-y-a-n-t in this mutha$#&@a
Hm-hm, the mail man

Ass-out jungle
Gotta watch your back and play it well
Stay away from fawlty mutha$#&@as
That's real


Hoppin like a rabbit tryin to touch the $#&@in moon


Now his $$# is doomed

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