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E-40 : Lieutenant Roast A Botch lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Lieutenant Roast A Botch"

(feat. Silk-E)
The names have been changed to protect the innocent

The Adventures of Lieutenant Roast a Botch..
and Sherrie Stack a Grip

Ay, ay ay, ay ^!$$% pull that mother$#&@er, ay!
Ay! Ay hold on playboy
Ay pull that mother$#&@er over dude

(Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu!!)


I know he is not about to bring his mother$#&@in $$# over here


Buu!!! Huh?




You had a smile on your face yesterday why you lookin mean today?


I was tryin to holla at your potnah that's why

I say, uh-oh, look out danger

Captain Save a Hoe with the Rescue Rangers
You wanna holla right
Hell naw you ain't gettin at this

While you was in the Hall of Game you should've checked my exhibit
Lieutenant Roast a who, I'll leave you balless
Always can come, this ain't no beach you $#&@in walrus

I'm Sherrie Stack a Grip
Known for slappin ^!$$%z'n %#@!
I'll take your refrigerator and your bank roll (*##$

Only way you gon' see this
If it's under your tongue
Get out my face you $#&@in eclipse, you're blockin my sun

[car tires skeeting]


(*##$ what the $#&@ you talkin bout?
It ain't like you some kind of notch or somethin
You know what I'm sayin? (*##$

I'm Lieutenant Roast a Botch, you ain't knowin huh?

Captain Save a Hoe

(*##$ that's my long distance cousin from Boise, Idaho
We cake patnas, but dude be savin hoes and I be savin marbles
It's a long $$# distance between me and that fool

Cause he's one of them modest fellows
And I'm Lieutenant Roast a Botch known for roastin hoes like marshmellows
Let you tell it cause you a strong black sista about your clout

Knowin you ain't got a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out
Are you itchin, can't think about sexin
Irritated by yo' yeast infection

She's a lazy hoe - y'all seen her
Sit in her $$# all day and watch Jerry Springer
Ten kids by ten different dicks - Biotch!!..

Your whole house smell like piss


[Silk-E] If it ain't about cash, then it ain't about %#@!
[E-40] Throw it, money, fonky @@#! beoott..ch
Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Roast a Botch

Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Roast a Botch
Sherrie Stack a Grip, Sherrie, Sherrie Stack a

Sherrie Stack a Grip, Sherrie, Sherrie Stack a


Stand at attention cause one of the main thangs you need to learn
Is to shut the $#&@ up while tycoons is talkin

Raise your hand and don't be speakin out of tongues
Only when told to speak, spoke
Only time you laugh is when I tell a joke


^!$$% damn your personality
You're never gettin no $$# from me
Big, beared mutha$#&@a couldn't get no #[email protected], sittin there mad at me
Ain't it about business for Pillsbury to be smokin on Swishers
Lieutenant look like you roastin mo', turkeys than (*##$es

With your fat $$#
Fix your cash in a grab bag
By the time you touch your toes
Mutha$#&@a I'll be in Baghdad

Hoooooo!! I heard your #[email protected] went platinum
Cum all in the cervix, herpes chlamydia in the abdomen
Sherrie Stack a Grip
Nicknamed Sherrie Stuff a Dick - The Ratchet Mouth Biotch!!

See I go hard on a batch (HARD)
Like my little cousin Sir Nose rappin $$# brother from Dallas
Gold hard black - gold diggin batch I ain't got no scratch

Ah ^!$$% Sherrie Stack a Grip don't give a $#&@ about that


Why are you screamin at me are you mad from frustration
It ain't my fault you still masturbatin
If youse a balla mutha$#&@a help me recognize

Roll over this fifty dollar bill and give me ten fives
You weak dick havin, roach clip needin
Wheezin tryin to breath oversleepin $$# ^!$$%
With your fat $$#
Always wanna holla sittin there stank
With your fat $$#
Cheesy knuckles marinatin with your drank

Hey fat $$#!!!
You best go tender your Phillies
Paw lubricated, dick in hand
Poppin chicken like skillets
I hold your account like clothes
Oh God you quit it
You don't believe me

Call your bank and go and ask your (*##$

Haven't you noticed
Put your hand in front of your mout and smell it yourself
Oh, (*##$ that's halitosis
When the last time you saw a doctor about your health

Oh you hoes, talkin bout you got the flu
Ignorin do-do breath you can't avoid
Somebody give this hoe a Altoid
Would you please put some lotion on them scuffed up, ashy knees
Clothes lookin like they need to see a dry cleaners
You out there bad with your imitation Prada bag
I know your history hoe

Thunderbird and grape Kool-Aid
You remember suckin dicks in the seventh grade
All you needed is some bamma and a couple hits
That's why the sa-habs called you
Sherrie Stuff a Dick the Ratchet Mouth Biotch


[Silk-E] If it ain't about cash, then it ain't about %#@!..

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