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E-40 : Let Him Have It lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Let Him Have It"

I never stayed my $$# home I always thought that I was grown
In the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stone

Got a problem with me?
Then feel free mutha$#&@a Don't be talkin under yo breath
Cuz that might be the cause of your death

Cuz I'ma quick to stop a ^!$$% in his tracks main
So lets get this %#@! out in the open
I used to like to go from the shoulders get em up, one on ones

Now it's a whole different ball game ^!$$%s that carry guns
A sucka will kill you first, and you will be layin in the hurst
Takin a deep $$# sleep knowin it wasn't worth

Provin you wasn't a punk
^!$$%s don't want to thump
^!$$%s just want to funk and shot up a ^!$$%s trunk

I met a (*##$ last week at the Orgen Room
Bought her a drink and said "whats up on the telly room?"
Just then I felt some trouble kickin in

Spotted her X-boyfriend who had just got out the pen
Mutha$#&@as get to baulkin when the liquors talkin
Drunk mutha$#&@a step on my toe and kept on walkin

I said "what's up with ya potna, say excuse me or somethin"
He turned around looked at me and started mean muggin
I guess he thought he pumped fear until I said

"^!$$% don't you know I'll have you touchin everything in here"
He went for his pistol and didn't know I was strapin
Dag nab it, I had to let him have it

What type of ^!$$% did he think you was E?
I know he didn't think that you were some kind of peanut or somethin.

He must of been [email protected]$!ed to the fact that you get a thrill out of killin
Now tell me somethin' why do mutha$#&@as wait till that ^!$$% commits
himself to realize that a hillside hillbilly is the wrong type of

^!$$% to $#&@ with? E do you feel me?
Yeah I feel ya sahob
Well lets take it to the next page then

Oh you mean that part about the dungeon?
You Knoowww!!!

The next morning, I'm sittin in the dungeon-wonderin
Should I be dissed nope I did it in self defense
I wasn't twisted, I hadn't even started yet

It happened to fast before someone could stop me
I wish I had some DANK WEED
While I wait out these 24 more hours before I plead

Freedom I'm gonna miss ya (I wish I had some dice)
Made me some dice out of some water and toilet tissue
Now this the part thats $#&@ed up

I walks into the dayroom manner room what the $#&@
I never thought that I would straight make ah
The front page of the newspaper

Shut up a do wop, shut up a do wop
Man they bout to send me up state ah
Talking that %#@! about makin me a mutha$#&@in [email protected]$)got

I make a shank outta plastic and let a ^!$$% have it

That's whats really goin down

Cuz when a mutha$#&@as down for the count
You gotta be about it or be without it
Cuz what a mutha$#&@a once told me see a mark sleep

Leave him sleep in the middle of the street
If you can't stand the heat stay up out the kitchen

Now I'm still in the county's face
Fighting this funky $$# 187 case
Shoot me a kite that's a good way to mingle

I'll be in this (*##$ eatin' %#@! on the $#&@in shingle
Gettin big as a house- bulkin up
400 club waiting for the Mercedes deep roll it up

My dream came true after almost 2 years of incareration
Now I'm out drinkin brew Havin fun with my folks
Lovin' everybody gettin twisted and crackin jokes

Huggin anybody cryin
I missed every ^!$$% in my click and I ain't lyin
We bones out to a party

I'm on P-role but what can I say
I can't let em know I'm stuck
I roast (*##$es but I'm not a damn peanut
Now I'm at the party thought I wasn't
Dancin' with the dead ^!$$%s fine $$# cousin

I wonder if she thinkin' my my my
The (*##$ been lovin me ever since Hogan High
She had some hard $$# cousins that wasn't wit it
They went out they way to make sure that I didn't get it
But now tricks is for kids silly rabbit

I had to let em have


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