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E-40 : L.I.Q. lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "L.I.Q."

Mobb that %#@! out ^!$$%!
Bosko, mobb that %#@!, BEYOTCH!

Mobb %#@! (mobb %#@!)
We invented this %#@! (what'd we do?)
Boy I helped pioneer this

Boy I helped pioneer this..

I'm irkin; head spinnin dome swervin
Emergin to the right to the left, see three, hallucinatin
Stoned ain't got a lick but a bra protection on my phone

therefore that'll make it this that much easier
for anybody with a computer that got the right data information
software to CLONE, clone it off the streets - how much?

Basshead dis down playa price boy a hundred piece (hundred piece)
%#@! I don't figure dat dere ain't no mo' worse than clonin sheep
Just understand, I dub this for my weeples

More hair on my face than my daddy do (daddy do)
I guess it's them steroids that they been puttin in our food (in our food)
%#@! the man behind the counter at the liquor store asked him for ID

before he get to askin me and if he ask me for ID then I'ma get
?? (*##$ to use some of that swindlin $$# fast-fast talkin
con man ?? in the ghetto urban reverse psychology

^!$$%z got it tough out here; tough out here, it's rough
^!$$%z got it rough out here; ^!$$% out here it's tough

[Chorus: E-40 (repeat 2X)]
Let's hit the weed spot, let's hit the L.I.Q.
Let's hit the liquor sto', let's hit the L.I.Q.

Let's hit the house party, let's hit the L.I.Q.
"Pull up sideways, doin about a buck-fifty"

"Hello my friend!" Whassuper dude?
Give me a pack of sunflower seeds

and a box of larger size Magnum rubbers
A generic lemon squeeze lime juice
and a bottle of Goldschlager

A pack of licorice, lick-em-and-lock-em Zig-Zags
a hard boiled egg and them pickled pig feet (pickled pigs feet)
%#@! I gotta do as much $#&@in and partyin as I can

I gotta go turn myself in next week (BEOTCH)
I'm up all night - playawhatchagonnabedoin?
Up in somebody's ?? layin pipe

(*##$betalkinaboutsuin and try to accuse yo' $$# of rape;
cause you rap
Sa' HOE, I ain't even tryin to entertain that

See I dip in mo' holes than a golf ball
#[email protected] fallin all out of my Granada
Squabs in Kansas City, squabs in Colorado

Learned how to pop my collar in the city where they shot The Mack
Dem were some of the players that helped tie my shoes and lace me
name was Curtis and B.O.

Well whaddya know? Doo doo dirt clucks ??
Messy and tap that $$# fool we in hella mo' (BEOTCH)
(*##$-ass ^!$$%z like B-Legit and ??

and Mac-Shon, mack D-Shot and Lil' Bruce - BEOTCH!


On the dope track where the bassheads be comin through

I see more killings and more hop than the kangaroo
My baby's momma she sick, she on that glass dick
Be crawlin all on the RUG lookin for that %#@!!

Hogan High School prom queen right?
On her hands and knees pickin up lint and anything that's white
That's how you can tell that a dopefiend's gone psycho

when they get to hah.. lookin all out the curtains with they high beams
On the corner, be that dice game unfoldin (what happened?)
One of my dudes, SERIOUSLY, he rollin

then a couple of fools pull up and went for theirs a-course
with intentions of splittin my wig but it wound up gettin reversed
I left they kite flyin, down for the grind, witnesses dissolve

A prime example of bad karma, Murphy's Law
If you gon' be a fool then be a fool, %#@!
But just know when to act a fool and who to act a fool with!


[E-40] Hoeeeeeeeeee! !#@(!
"I don't care, call the cops.."
Mob %#@!
"I don't care, call the cops.."

Mob %#@!'ll never fall
Mob %#@! gon' always sell through, smell that?
What mob %#@! do?
"I don't care, call the cops.."
All mob %#@! do is quadruple

I'm in this (*##$, irkin like a mother$#&@er
"I don't care, call the cops.."
$#&@in %#@!, BEOTCH!
"I don't care, call the cops.."
Yeah that's that %#@!

"I don't care, call the cops.."
See that's that %#@! that get a ^!$$% krunk, right there
That's that %#@! that'll get a ^!$$% buck, on they hoe $$#
Mobb that %#@! out ^!$$%!
Bosko, mobb that %#@! - they ain't knowin
Oooo-eeee-oooh, see I spit that %#@! too look here

Oooo-eeee-oooh, make the %#@! go like this here

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