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E-40 : I Wanna Thank You lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "I Wanna Thank You"

(feat. Suga T)
[Base Chorus: Suga T]
1: I wanna thank you, pimps and players

2: for sharing your game with me
3: I wanna thank all.. of the hustlers
4: for showing me your life, on the street

5: And I know.. that'll I never
6: for-get you
7: Oooo-oooo-ooooh, forget about you

8: Ohhh-ohh-ohh

[E-40 over Chorus]

3: All the hustlers
4: C'mon, that's right
5: And I KNOW .. that'll I never..

6: forget you
7: Sprinkle me mayne
8: Uhh, sprinkle me mayne

Ahh.. laced up by the best, check it out..

Uhh, marinatin on the corner with a chip in his phone
You can tell that the Hillside was his home
Mo' scrill than the rest of the pushers

cause he got a chop suey in the bushes
Dice game, craps, puffin on Taylors drinkin Boilermakers
M.D. 20/20 mixed with Boone's, Farm's, and Olde English

Around the clock, deuce-four-seven, three-sixty-fifth
(??) where I come (??) DEAD RIGHT, twerkin over %#@!
Business boomin off the buzzer, and I'm a happy camper

til the homey beat his bootch down for no reason with the Zenith hammer
Thangs started gettin sloppy, dude started rollin over
^!$$%z started steppin on dope and stretchin the crack synthetic yola

Turf got hot hella heads got shot on dead body soil
Po'-po's on that $$# like hot baby oil
Play your cards right son everybody can have cash

but you gotta get in and out if you expect 'em to last

[Base Chorus]

[E-40 over Chorus]
1: Uhh.. pimps and players

2: For sharing your game with me
3: All the hustlers
4: fo' showin me yo' life on the streets

5: And I KNOW .. that'll I never..
6: forget you, that's real
7: Sprinkle me mayne

8: Lace me mayne
*: Lace me mayne..

I was sprinkled at a young age
Laced down with Trump tight, taught by the best

Some of them still livin, some of them done been put to rest
but I was blessed, and luckily I made it out
but I must confess, I wouldn'ta made it without

the big timers, the top-hats, the tycoons
The street hustlers, the pistol packin Daniel Boone's
that put it down and paved the way, for me to say

the things I say, and I'm proud to be straight from the Yay
To U.K.(?) I spits this big time talkin %#@! all day
Nationwide, from where I stay to where you stay

B like the Savage beast, keep yo' game creased
Stick to the rules and don't be sellin out to no police
I always paid attention when the game was preached

Had all the street slang and the latest speech
And now I'm makin more mail than a oil well
Up all night tryin to get my money orders right

[Base Chorus]

[E-40 over Chorus]
1: Uh, uh.. pimps and players (pimps and players)
2: For sharing your GAME with me

3: All the hustlers
4: C'mon (c'mon) fo' showin me yo' life on the streets
5: And I KNOW .. that'll I never..
6: forget you, that's so damn real
7: Sprinkle me mayne

8: Sprinkle me mayne
*: Suga, sprinkle me gal
*: Suga.. c'mon uh, sprinkle me gal

[Suga T]

It started from my momma (yo' MOMMA?) Hard headed and all
She said, "Only the strong survive, Suga STAY STRONG"
Seein a bunch of fools, that used to ride
smob, stay jobbin knew they was raw
without a pot to piss in

Used to drive through the turf in them candy paint Benzes
I've run all this game that the hustlers pop
Spittin enough game to keep a notch on the jock
Now the game's the same, but the players changed
Ain't nothin but a thang, keep it real mayne

Timer timer (timer timer)
Uhh, yeah, that's my nogga - sprinkle thee
Paper chasin steady flowin to the dome
It ain't no place like home, oooh oooh
Pay my respects and give my contributions
to all the soldiers on the streets and in the institutions

[Base Chorus]

[E-40 over Chorus {Suga T over Chorus}]
1: Insti-TUTIONS {I wanna thank you, pimps and players} that's right
2: FO' ShaRIn yo' GaME wiTh ME
3: Uhh {yeahhh.. ooh ooh ooh} all the hustlers

4: That's so damn real
5: And I KNOW .. that'll I never..
6: {forget you} forget you
7: Lace me mayne, sprinkle me mayne {and that's real}
8: C'mon, sprinkle me mayne {yeah} that's right
*: Lace me mayne.. {sprinkle thee}

[Base Chorus]

[E-40 over Chorus]
That right? Forty-water, from the C-L-I-C-K
with my sista Suga T
Lettin y'all know how we do it up in the Yay
7-0-7 4-1-5 1-0

That's the car(?) I roll with
And it goes for all the hustlers nationwide
Pimpin players, for tyin my shoes and lacin me up

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