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E-40 : H.I. Double L. lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "H.I. Double L."

(feat. Celly Cel, B-Legit)
Hey ah, which way should I steer ah

The beat keeps knockin down my rear view mirror
Pervin like a motha$#&@a swervin
Hope I don't scrub in my '95 Suburban

To go throughout the community squattin on gold tippy toes
Peep, breathin on Indian cigarette-Ganish Bidi posin ^!$$%s tweak
Quick fast and a hurry don't worry 40 vision blurry

Shorty hit the freeways climbin like that ^!$$% Joe Torre
[Celly Cel]
What do you know it's siggity Cel

That funky [email protected][email protected] that funky ^!$$% doe
Kickin in doors you beta grab ya hoe
I see ya cruisin in the late night

creepin wit my ^!$$% B-Legit and 40 water, ah %#@!
We're here-we're there-we're everywhere

Highly intox-icated but we don't care
I'm from the H.I.L.L. the place where my ^!$$%s bell

A mack mutha$#&@in 12 will send your $$# straight to hell
A tick a tock, the %#@! da spot

They say them crazy mutha$#&@as pull out a chop
I watch them mutha$#&@as run

I do this %#@! for fun
You ^!$$%s know you can't get none



I'm from the V.A.L.L.E.J.O
H.I.L.L side doe
Spittin straight game is all a ^!$$% know and ahh

and they be like... (there they go, off to the liquor store)
I tell a (*##$ what the $#&@ you mean where I've been

And so what I smells like #[email protected] and gin
I had money to make
(*##$es to break and if the %#@! was out of line I had lives to take

I told you from the gate that I'm a mobster
Sippin DP eatin lobster
Don't get it confused you won't get abused

As long as you makin' me them revenues
[Celly Cel]
That miggity mack, that diggity dang and that niggity nut

Jump in the back of my cut with a tramp [email protected]#% and hit the gut
Ain't got no love for 'em all I love to do is dick 'em
Pass 'em to the extra mannish ^!$$% 40 water

If I was popeye with a ?
You could kiss my big black royal

I'm not funkin' over Oliveoil
Last night I had a superbad in my room
She sucked me till my dick shriveled up like a prun

[Celly Cel]
Well pass the Hussy to the left hand side
So I can bend her over hit it from the back and let her ride

You know it's Sick Wid It
Hog gotta put the shake down
Shot her to the left ^!$$% hit me with the break down


Beefeater, Tanqueray, Safire, Bombay
? the punch bowl full of hurricane
That'll last a ^!$$% dang near all day

Smokin' HERB we gets perved cop a squat
Let's hang out at the old Cola spot

^!$$% I'm a Louie smokes damn near Q
So can I get a Twomp on my pager here
You been blowin' me up

I know you know the code
31 double 07 dash 9 eleven
High steppin'
Ya blankin off the blanks

Cuz I'm a "Rock star"Hate goin dove rock
^!$$% let me use your $#&@in car
All the way to sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday
Threw up money tore up $$# botch you call the po po on me
Told 'em I was sideways doin about a buck 50 in Salonto County

Sheriffs pull my $$# over, and book me caught me with a gun
And a bunch of Alezah bottles and they was askin me where I'm from
And I said (*##$


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