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E-40 : E Forty lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "E Forty"

[Talking: Tupac]
Because I can't always be in the Bay
And I know how the Bay is the Bay is the side people man if you ain't there they goin talk about'cha

So I want them to know, I love you I feel you I'm representing for you
So I know I gotta certain amount of acclaim and everything so I bring the Bay with me
I know E-40 is what I was when I was with digital underground

He is the Bay right now...



[Hook: x2]
E-For-Ty (what's my name?)

E-For-Ty (who I came to see?)
E-For-Ty (who got the most game?)
E-For-Ty (what they call me?)

[Verse 1: E-40]
Ugh! Back like I never left

Fake ^!$$%s hate me real ^!$$%s love me to death
I used to be broke when I was a child
Now I'm papered up, I'm what they call a cash cow

Y'all grew up on this thow
I'm the 'with that was' and the 'with that is' right now
(What else pimp?) I $#&@s with everybody that somebody

They're out there yes the little people and the nobodies
My jeopardy got it tatted on my arm
I am terract where Ron Jeremy is deformed

Unique people love the way I speak
"That ^!$$% 40 a fool, he be having me weak" (Ugh)
The voice of the soil face of the Bay say what the people wanna say what they gotta I like to stay

So they count on me to be later the way they threw me
You see the realest rapper alive you ^!$$%s live through me

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Ugh! Gas no surpass now I'm outlasting em
Damn your favorite rapper he's no match form

^!$$% disrespect I'll bring his hat too em
Spend a little change have a friend shoe em
Workaholic I'm hungrier than you dudes

One thing about me is I bust moves
I stay coming with slaps
Every time I drop an album people expect that

All the way through front and back
After all these years that ^!$$% can still rap (UGH)
Earth quaking, heavy rotation

2 AM in the morning after the club at the gas station
All you hear is my mackin $$#
And I'm jocking the crack drive-thru getting they food fast

Accompaniment the wolf (who else?)
The pen players and the pushers

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]

Out with the old and in with the new
I should of said in with the old and out with the new
Whoopin $$# with this tongue fool you got mo' sales than me

But I got more respect than you (Ugh)
I'm from the gang cooking burgers in the kitchen
Used to get off weight like nutri system

Alot of my lamas locked up in prison (who?)
Free Mack West and Katie Stuntz, missing
Ugh! Always on the move?

I stick to the script plus strictly by the old school rules
Might not work destruction but I talk twos
Hammers is staple it'll knock ya out the shoes (BLAH)

My life ain't never been no peach cobbler
What is the Bay without war?
When there's a drought, I'm sorta like a force of nature

I used to sprinkle em but now I make it shower

[Hook x2]

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