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E-40 : Doin' The Fool lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Doin' The Fool"

(feat. Pastor Troy, Al Kapone, Too Short, Pimp C)
[E-40 talks over intro]
^!$$% up in this mother$#&@er

I mean I been $#&@in with this mother$#&@in burgundy carpet pimpin
What about you pimpin, I mean I know you $#&@in around with that
purple bag youknowhatImean? That Crown Royal, oh boy!

I mean, we got, we got a whole bunch of player-ass ^!$$%z
up in this m'uh$#&@er right here today
We got that ^!$$%.. E-Feezy, Too $hort, knahmean

Pimp C up in this mother$#&@er, ^!$$% Pastor Troy

[Too $hort]

Damn fool.. I hits free (free) it ain't wholesale
Just got through hittin it so well, at a hotel
But don't tell (don't tell) I cuss your $#&@in $$# out (*##$

$#&@ yo' drunk-ass and watch you pass out (*##$ (beitch)
And when you wake up, I tell you anything
You $#&@ed me so good (*##$, you deserve a wedding ring

I practice what I preach, ridin vogues and findin hoes
I told her I'd buy some clothes, but I'd be lyin to hoes
I ain't buyin her %#@!, (*##$ I can't do that

I had to jump in my car, and call you a cab
Cause I'm out.. you know I'm all about $#&@in hella good
Take the rubber off I'm in your mouth comin to a town (beatch)

near you, real soon..
Infiltratin hoes ^!$$%, we some real fools (real fools)
And it's true, and baby girl knows it too

Ask her %#@!, she'll tell you how I do it fool


Doin the fool! - Ain't no love mother$#&@er we breakin the rules
Doin the fool! - ^!$$%z like me ain't got nuttin to lose
Doin the fool! - We servin you haters straight off the top

Doin the fool! - Just to let you know this %#@! don't stop

[Pastor Troy]

Okay okay up next, oh, it's the boss, from the home of the Braves
Down here chillin with E-40 cause it's time to get paid
C'mon, actin a fool, cause y'all know how I'ma do

She $#&@ed me, Pimp C, and $hort too
I drank no brew, it's Remi, that special kind
Don't $#&@ with who? My ^!$$%, you out yo' mind

Fresh off the grind, my ^!$$%z is the killers
Actin a fool bout this mother$#&@in scrilla
No one no trill'a, but tell them, I'm down mayne

Go grab my leather, and get into some gangster %#@!
So if it's cool, it's cool..
But just that quick, I act a fool..


But I ain't never been a sucker
I ain't never been a mark

I ain't never been a busta
I ain't never been a simp, potnah I always had heart
Papered up hustlin never 'posed to handcuff a beaotch, mon

Pimp to the hoe, protect the trick beaotch, mon
Be extra mannish (extra mannish) get some skull
Purple bag, Crown Royal (Royal)

Gotcha beaotch actin mannish, think she spoiled (spoiled)
I'ma Camoli all over her body, she used to that
Potnah big 40 had it like that

Cadillac (Cadillac) sittin on buttons, 32 valve
The DTS (DTS) half a gallon to the mile
Platinum chest (platinum chest) lite brite, love to smile

What a mess (what a mess) ^^&$#* $#&@ed me on my desk
Kitchen tile (kitchen tile) then she swallowed up the rest
Ask me how (ask me how) a fat $$#### shot on her breast

She said, "It's been a while since I had sex" (what she say?)
She said, "It's been a while since I had sex" (what she say?)
(she said, oooh oooh.. oh boy!)

.. c'mon c'mon, okay okay! ..


.. c'mon c'mon ..

[Pimp C]

Comin down in candy car, smokin on some candy bar
Everyday I'm choppin blades, comin through on old school maids
Got in this game so heavily, just like Frankie Beverly
Silly ^!$$% that Southern girl
put cocaine up in your world

Cause I'm a young $$# ^!$$% on the slab
Comin through in a whippin Nav'
I used to be out on the ave
But now all my keys got the Midas stamp
Change my name to Sweet Charles

Smell like sixty-four dollar cologne
Comin down in burgundy Brougham
and I keep a chip off in my phone
Sweet Charles, (*##$! Hold up
Smoke somethin..

.. c'mon c'mon ..

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