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E-40 : Ballaholic lyrics

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E-40 lyrics : "Ballaholic"

You know my.. my whole def-a-nation is to spit straight game
You dig that? (Straight game) I I come from the game baby y'know

I come from this mother$#&@er, you undersmell that?
Aya, and you know, it's like this ^!$$%
Pimped-out all day you know Hillside Vallejo ^!$$%

You undersmell me? Been speakin the real for many moons
My ^!$$%z in the 7-0-7 on down to Compton

I'm in my FUBU drawers, she in her gown
cause if some cats tryin to have at me,
I sick the canine in the background

I'm plannin on splittin my crown but it ain't gon' be too simple
See I'm a baller, I got bars around the window
Rottweilers, pits, aikietas, doberman pischers tanked up in the yard

With a sign on the fence that reads "warning: beware of dog!"
You play the frog if you feel froggish ^!$$% leap
I neglect my dogs, starvin, sometimes they don't eat

Elroy speak to me about my triple-beam; officer, I got proof
Po'-po', that's for weighin nuts and fruits
Run with a whole bunch of rugged rowdy-ass knuckleheads, knahwhatImean?

Big ^!$$%, the size of a football team
I wear these glasses so that I can look like a square
but if you ever see me in a fight with a bear

don't help me ^!$$%, help the bear!!
Me and my wales, we be coonin
But see you the type of the ^!$$% that'll go in the backroom

and beep yo'self and act like yo' pager boomin

Yeah man, cause a real tycoon

gon' take this %#@! from the flo' to the moon
Still Northstar ridin, six-oh strikin
Switch up V-S cherry chokin the wrist and the pinkie

But keep it loose around the neck and make sure hoes in check
So if you gon' fill a ^!$$% cup, fill it up with paper
cause we ballaholics (*##$, ain't that quiet about this %#@!

If you're on it spend it like you mean it

Uhh, I'll have you

Ever since I was ankle low to a centipede's claw
I always wanted to play pro-baseball
Weepolization family, that's my favorite sport

but instead I'm back and forth to jail and in and out of court
BEOTCH! Serious about my rock shrine
I don't give a $#&@ how much courage juice you had

^!$$% yo' mug don't mean like mine!
I bring the noise like a cymbal {*CRASH*}
I $#&@ with 40 dem, make you stick your pistol out the window

BEOTCH! Y'all oughta see me at the state fair
Showin off in front of my broad; tryin to win my lil' nieces
one of the biggest stuffed animal prizes there

Nicknamed Charlie but my street name is Earl
Ballaholic like Felix Mitchell nephew Lil' Darrell
I know these streets like the Task Force know dope

I am the streeets, my ghetto pass can't be revoked
Ten percent, I paid my tithes, forgive me for my sins
Smoke an ounce of weed a day, maybe that's why I ain't go no ends

You see, you ^!$$%z real truant mayne
Runnin around here puttin a black eye in the game

when we tryin to feed y'all somethin nutritional for the brain
and nourish yo' game
You see there's two type of ^!$$%z in this world:

those that eat and those that don't
What type of ^!$$% is you, you know?
You see we got the tycoon status

Big hogs, tryin to pile the money up out your trash
You dig?

You can call me Lawry's cause I'm seasoned
I eat crevice, but not when it's bleeding
Don't get me wrong, I love sex but I don't play that part

I love Virginia, but not when the Virginia's tart
Toss me good, and I might Dolce and Gabbana it
Gave yo' $$# some bread, and let you go buy up some %#@!

Callin yourself takin advantage of my riches
I'm tryin to be nice to yo' $$#
I normally talk bad about you (*##$es
Invested to "Tha Hall of Game" buggin and bein notorious
for slappin chickenheads upside they weave-a with my Nokia

Mayday mayday, callin all patrol cars and units
Be on the lookout for the Hillside managler, 40-Water the Ballaholic
When I'm in Dallas I $#&@ with (?), and go hard black
Make an opera singer wanna write some raps

Papered up - like who? Like a fax BEOTCH

I know you didn't say papered up like a fats
(Yeah I did, yeah I did) Yeah, cause we do this %#@!
up off the ground on a pitcher's mound

Slidin, to the bad catcher, able to snatch ya
Bat yo' G out the pocket
Run it again with a ^!$$% that's in the socket
And it ain't my problem, if the hoe hollerin
We all about dollars, and collar-poppin

^!$$%, BEOTCH!!!
Baller, let me explain to you, a ballaholic ^!$$%
Undersmell this ^!$$%
If you got your ve-hi-cle in your baby's momma's name
^!$$% youse a ballaholic, ^!$$% you undersmell me?

Please believe in a ^!$$%
Ballaholic ^!$$%, you undersmell me?
If you sittin on gold tennis shoe slippers ^!$$%,
you undersmell me? Youse a ballaholic
Don't ever get it twisted ^!$$%, yeah
If you put ten thousand down on some je-wels ^!$$%
over at your house ^!$$% in Frisco ^!$$%

and go back and get it the next day, youse a ballaholic
You smell that ^!$$%? Ballaholics ^!$$%
Ballaholics $#&@ with Sic-Wid-It records ^!$$%
Ballaholics listen to that mob %#@! ^!$$%
We stick to the rules and regulations of this mother$#&@in game
you undersmell that? Please believe it, (*##$-ass ^!$$%z
IF YOUSE A BALLAHOLIC, ^!$$% (scream it like you mean it)

youse a baller, please believe that
That's what a ballaholic is ^!$$%
We ball til we have it all you undersmell that?
Rick Rock, youse a ballaholic?
My ^!$$%, my ^!$$% D-Wiz a ballaholic
don't ever get it twitted ^!$$%
My ^!$$% Kaveo in the mother$#&@er with me you undersmell that?

We some fools with it
My ^!$$% Steve Garvey, (??), you undersmell that?
And that ^!$$% Muggsy you know he's a $#&@in ballaholic
Gold-tooth mother$#&@in pretty boy Floyd $$# ^!$$%
I love you to death mother$#&@er, $#&@ ya though
$#&@ ya $#&@ ya $#&@ ya I'm in this MOTHER!#@*ER FOR LIFE!
V.. A.. L-L-H-O, L-I-C, it's me E-Feeze-E

L-I-C, it's me E-Feeze-E

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