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E 40 lyrics : "Spittin'"

Woke up in the A.M., toasted out of my cranium
Gotta take a %#@!, took a dump in the Mediterranean

Flushed the toilet, hit the shower
Snatched a fit up out the clos'
Miles of a '96 broom handle

Hangin half-way out my drawers
You ^!$$%s better feel me I got patrons to serve
^!$$% got to starts pay props will deserve

$#&@ my trunk I'm smobbin ugly in my deep dirt
, $#&@ you on my way to see Miss Chiminey
Cause since Chiminey is a good friend of me

She likes to go ah, downtown
She likes it when I, pound pound
Here's a whoppin' (*##$

Call me uh-Bah uh-Barney Rubble stick the beast down, so duck
Had the #~!!@ poppin bubbles
Scratchin the paint off up of the walls

Pickin off in them drawers, rebel without a pause
She could feel a gnat sting, swimmin' in Niagara Falls
Now no matter extra meal, managin the place

All up in the mother$#&@in' tall can face
Streets make you broke, Forty Water ain't no joke
Make way, say hey, check my display

Bump the %#@! til your tape busts (Bump the %#@! til ya tape
And youse a (*##$ if you ain't got no !@$%

(And youse a (*##$ if you ain't got no !@$%)

Chorus: E-40

40 took a forty to the $#&@in dome
And now they got me spittin on the microphone...

40 took a forty to the $#&@in dome
And now they got me spittin on the microphone, beeitch!
Drunker than a mother$#&@er spittin that %#@!

High rank, ^!$$% poor

Scratch scratch taller than Manute Bol
Cash rules everything around me
40 why they why they get the money

Oh tell me baby gon' be no catchin', bet ya catch
before 40 7-11
ah big Danz said a step man, can't win (uh)

1-Luv to my ^!$$%z in the YOU KNOW
Gettin' swoll, bulkin' up, drinkin' pruneau
Y'all stay the same, got some extra whoop I think I need a

The waiter got me $#&@in like me right in here
(*##$es sooner than I think

Vallejo PD's on crack man
They shot my ^!$$% Tone Tucker in the back man
Prejudiced mother$#&@ers!

What ^!$$%z need to do is $#&@ a-lo a-lo key now
Squash the fuh-ah $#&@in' spot, ain't nothin'
wrong? (Squash it)

Hang with tactical edged (staple?) highly easy
to be converted to Mack-1
Twice as righteous (righteous), make them po-po's like

Drink with me, second base, and I'm gone for home
I drunk a 40 to the $#&@in dome


I ain't no cupcake (I ain't no cupcake)
so don't call me hostess (hostess)

^!$$% don't you know I'm all open to explosives
(I'ma explode)
Let tha bed bugs bite, sleep light

Be ready for the tip-toein phantoms at night
When I open em for risk (when I open it for risk)
Smokin somethin for the hatest terminator instigator

(terminator instant trader)
^!$$% just bought from Traders
Tyler lookin for all some of that fit, ya gotta admit
nigglet your life is set why you ungreatful mother$#&@as
you better get somewhere where they love you at

your life is set why you ungrateful mother$#&@a
I've been strugglin strivin so hard to make my %#@! obese
Pacin back and forth (uh)
Bear to grit my teeth, C-C-L-L-I-I-C-K, Northern California V uh

I feed your $$#, with my ambitiousness about the $#&@in
Lookin ambitious as the mother$#&@in bumble
Soundin' off car alarms

My %#@! ain't nothin humble
Gotta say wassup (gotta say wassup) to some ^!$$%z on my team
^!$$%z like Rec-Street and Nicky mother$#&@in Green
(mother$#&@in Green)


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