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E 40 lyrics : "SHOW AND PROVE"

[E-40] Uhh...

[Chorus: Goapele]

What'chu wanna say, what'chu wanna do
Now that you´re, comfortable, time to show and prove
Show and prove - on just how, you spend, your day

Show and prove


Uhh, "Heavens to Merkatroid!"
We go back like the video game Asteroids
You knew me when me and my boys was

D-boys, runnin from the Elroys
Flamboastin and sidin and slidin candy toys
I was doin my time

Name ringin like a, tambo-rine
You used to see me strikin down the boulevard
Wonderin what it take to get off in my car

Well I thought about it, and I sat back and told myself
And I said to myself, "Hold on playa
she's a sharp-ass broad!"

Sharp - cleaner than a can of Lysol
Raw, tightest thing I ever saw



Uhh, you make my life complete; you
got my back like a car seat
You don´t need no makeup ma, you

look good when you sleep
You never threw in the towel when
your boy was out of order

When I got popped with that yola, financial disorder
Marbles at a standstill, barely payin the light bill
But you stuck with a player, cause you f'real f'real

Without a mother$#&@in question
Cause see me without you, is like
salad without dressing

I recognize my blessings - you gotta understand
I can - look through muddy water, I can - see dry land
I can tell tall timber, from tiny brush

Promise to claim my child, if the rubber bust


it´s a beautiful thing when you, play right
and you find the same one besides
When you feel the same feeling that

you felt so many years ago
With you I'll spend the rest of my life
don´t ever forget just cause you die

Once you die we can never go away
I'll put in work, cause I know our love is worth it
that´s how I wanna spend my days

[Goapele + E-40]
Cause your loving is ..truuuue

(The way I talk you know it's) ..truuuue
(The way I walk you know it's) ..truuuue
(Me and you we so) ..truuuue

[Chorus - 2X w/ ad libs]

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