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E 40 lyrics : "IT'S A MAN'S GAME"

Ooooh (ooooh) pencil me in (pencil me in)
it´s Fonzarelli the Ballatician in yo' face again

Back again, happenin, with my folks and next of kin
Asians blacks and Mexicans, caucausian folks and all my friends
Lost on gin, count to ten, fits to turtle, hold it in

Northern Cali, scrilla gone Valley, California fools'll do ya
Like this song? Sing along, 40 Water man you know he wrong
In the traffic mayn on the phone,

bright candy on all that chrome
Shoes and socks, Jacob watch, CD changer with the knock
@@#! glock back stack leave yo' head off in yo' lap

Mark mark sip sap, you ain´t gotta like the way
this pimp spit this rap, I don´t like you anyway

[Chorus 2X: E-40]
This a man's game, stay up out the lane
if you can´t hang with the gangbang

Players pimps and hustlers from the
sewer pipes and gutter drains
Players pushin mary jane, gorillas in the mix of thangs

Boss unleashin off the chain


I was in my Chevy blunted doin about a hundred (hundred)
Dippin through my hood but the hood lookin haunted (haunted)
Task musta raided (raided) I hope my homies made it (made it)

I hope they got some yo-yo left, I hope
they didn´t confiscated it
I hope nobody got shot to death, I hope nobody bleedin

I hope they didn´t come through dumpin with
they street-sweepers sweepin
Put to rest, layin in the mortuary in there sleepin

Put a hole in the flesh, formaldehyde to
stop the place from stinkin
Drinkin vodka ? coppin mo' (Keys) than (Alicia)

From Yakama all the way to Canada, they think I´m a janitor
Man of the hour devour I´m mo' ready with some sour
Slippin sticky, dowicky, smokin turtle with my partners chillin


Ecstasy, dirty piss test test
Cause he got five different drugs up inside of he

can´t get a J-O-B, nobody wanna hire he
Ex-con, parole with a felony
Some of my dudes be smokin cloves

Some of my dudes be powderin they nose
Some of my dudes be off that kangaroo
Some of my dudes be drunk like me and you

Some of my dudes be off that nave
that´s that %#@! them city boys done $#&@ed around and made
Some of my dudes be off that lean

That prescription, that syrup, that codeine


This a man's game [5X]

This a man's game pimp, this a man's game Ooooh

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