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E 40 lyrics : "HOT"

[E-40] Uhh
H2, 26 inch shoes
Big boy toys, air traveller iceman shoes

Straight fool, look at the way that I wear my hair
Look at the pants and the clothes I wear
Look at the way my that my necklace glare

Cars exotic pimpskillet narcotics
Got 'em pimpskillet, sippin on some Hypnotiq
Pimpskillet a bossy alottamajig, and Sic' Wid It

We pack staplers and zigs and hunting gear equipment
Rug-ers are rigged, I spit at chickens and pidgeons
I flip the clippers at falcons and box Chevy's dippin

Thou'n! Smokin with my next door neighbor
Coughin - turtle and tobacco paper
Gangsta - read all about it

Northern Califoolya got THE talent
Play mindgames and talk slick and slide in
that´s why the P's be poppin and

the mackin be multiplyin


Me and my weeples natural hustlers
If you need that then come get plugged by us
223's comin out the state from us

This is Sic' Wid It, you can´t $#&@ wit us


The Candyman, in the kitchen with the pots and pans
Fiends makin bass pipes, out of ink pens
Where the cherries'll let ya hustle forever

But soon as the murders start
occurin they gon' come get ya
Soon as the money start to flowin

somebody gon' snitch ya
Soon as the rellis get to knowin that youse a fixture
Off in the bushes on surveillance takin a picture

So the poorer get poorer and the
richer keep gettin richer
Real like estate, my works carry a lot of weight

Never on time, always late on a concert date
Get it Raoul, does he know what flavor the Bay
Back up in three-one-oh they give me the playa rank

Born on a MON-DAY! .. Forty Bela-FONTE!
Skippin and skatin and slidin,
bouncin and dippin and glidin

Spittin and rappin and rhymin,
ballin and wellin and timin



Boy you the opposite of cold!
Your lyrics stick out, like a turd in a punchbowl
You don´t give a man fish, you teach him how to fish

You don´t give a broad chips, you reverse that %#@!
I´m talkin about cheese (cheese)
Only time that you 'sposed to do that

when, she's yo' main squeeze
Got your babies, drive Mercedes
No if's or maybe's, that´s your lady

Quiet on the set!
E-40 Belafonte the greatest game spitter
of all time beatin down vets

Comin around the corner in that clean-ass
convertible droptop Corvette
How can I forget a lil' bumpy face and

a bottle of that there Moet
I bumped into this HOTTIE .. at a ghetto-ass PARTY
Frankie V jeans I seen, lookin so fresh and so clean

Got her all up on my team, jockin
my glare and my gleam



(HOT!) 40 Water is
(HOT!) Sic' Wid It still
(HOT!) #1 and we (HOT!) ..
(HOT!) 40 Water is
(HOT!) Sic' Wid It still

(HOT!) #1 and we (HOT!) .. (HOT!) (HOT!) (HOT!) (HOT!)

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