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E 40 lyrics : "ANYBODY CAN GET IT"

(Feat Bone Crusher,David Banner.Lil Jon)


When a mother$#&@er walk up in the club, I mean I mean
And a ^!$$% be 70 deep
But if a ^!$$% let his mother$#&@in

scrotum hang over his shoulder
And come up and do a WALK-BY on your (*##$-ass it´s nay-thun
don´t give a $#&@ about how much money you got ^!$$%

it´s about how you outsmart the next ^!$$%

[Chorus: Lil Jon]

(*##$, ^!$$%, what the $#&@'s up!
(Anybody can get it!)
Hoe, ^!$$%z, go pull your skirts up

don´t think that you won't get touched, !#$*!
I´m in your grill now, ^!$$% what you gon' do?
I´m in your grill now, (*##$ what you gon' do?

I´m in your grill now, ^!$$% what you gon' do?
don´t think that you won't get touched, !#$*!

[Bone Crusher]
Hoes, hoes, money, roll
Mr. Whup-Ass done stepped in the do'

(BONE CRUSHER!) Bring the pain, to your skull
Y'all ^!$$%z don´t want a fight, all y'all want is a hug
Your bark is worse than your bite, with your mean mug

Let's take it to the grass and we'll see what´s up
Y'all knows about me, Mr. Streetsweep
Twinkie soft ^!$$%z get dealt with swift-ily

I´m amazin; I always bring the heat
Pull the cake up through the ground if he $#&@in with me
Me and E-Fonzarelli, new Starsky & Hutch

Mother$#&@er don´t act like you can´t get touched
Grindin ^!$$%z bows up and we turn 'em to dust
As the crowd go ah-OOOOH-AHH cause you know you $#&@ed up

They don´t wanna see me, nicknamed the realest
don´t believe me, ask them Adamsvillers
This A-T-L ^!$$%!


I sit at the bar and tear up hundred dollar bills
My car, my Hummer got 26 inch rims

I´m a star on my side of the earth, I bleed the block
Promethazine, codeine, water and hubba rock
Million dollar dreams and fiends and things of that nature

Triple beams and things and T-Mobile paint ya
Told myself - I need to stop pushin hop
I need to stop pushin hop so I can buy a WingStop

My young hyenas be bustin guns, mashin and pistol packin
Smokin so much 'dro that our lungs feel like they collapsin
Trick I see you and yo' partners laughin

Jaw-jackin and scammin and plottin
Old soft-ass, medicated, cotton-ass ^!$$%
you´re out of line I told you once befo' it´s dubya dot

Bust a Head dot com, on mine, hit the flo'!
And don´t come back no mo' no mo' no mo' no mo'
Mother$#&@er it´s E-4-oh from the Valle-jo

Still rappin like I´m po' - BEOTCH!


[David Banner]
I'ma kill a mother$#&@er's $$# if I have to

But is it worth it is the question that I ask you
To blast your punk-ass
And is you bleedin, only to give Satan a damn good

reason to play with me, look (*##$ I´m sayin
You don´t listen 'less that tec-9 sprayin yo' $$#
Glass breakin in your home boy, thinkin you fast

I never mash out, 'til the iron smack up yo' body
Then you pass out, I pray to God for peace
I done best to get my black $$# out of these streets

But y'all don´t listen 'less I´m cussin and bustin the %#@!
You keep beggin, and I'ma give it to ya you (*##$!
In your face, your back, your chest, neck and lungs
You want war, you will get it for Mr. Crawfordson
They call me really really doe, ain´t no hoe in my blood

A couple slugs (*##$ you thugs'll give me a hug
Real gangster ^!$$%z raise up
Y'all sticky ooh-wee ^!$$%z blaze up
or get yo' $$# sprayed up, (*##$ ^!$$%!

And there you have it! (And there you have it)
Anybody can get it (anybody)
don´t act like you can´t get touched, peeyimp!
Yeah, my dude Bone Crusher (that's right)

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz (yeahh!) David Banner
And E-40 Belafonte pimpskillet
Trust that, BOTCH! BEOTCH!!

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