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DYNASTY FT. D-NYCE & LOVELOWE lyrics : "Like Ah Star"

You told me you wouldn't change, but i guess lies are all the same,
Once a player in the game, always ah player in the game,
I just hope your future days, are better than today,

Cause I know your still reminiscing yesterday,

I know you still believe your my lucky star,

But i'm still wondering where you are,
Last time I saw, I saw the back lights to the car,
Heading off in the distant to the bar,

Next morning news i turned on,
Heard about this pretty little blonde,

That drunk and drove and hit ah tree,
Ohhh baby,

i knew you were a star, always asking for the attention andthe spotlight,
And now you got a spot in the galaxy for the night,
so make sure, you sure to shine bright

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