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DYLAN1KENOBI lyrics : "Weepy Cry"

Verse 1:
I know a mare named weepy cry
She sits alone and wonders why

Why things ended up this way
Celeste's always using her
Berating and abusing her

And she doesn't know what to say


Why do you wait for all your problems to dissapear
Why can't you let your friends draw near
I hate to see you feel this way

'Cause I'm your friend I'm here to stay
Tomorrow will be a better day
I want to wipe those tears away

Verse 2:
She's trapped now in a foreign land

Trying now to understand
All the pain she's going through
Her brother's death weighs like a shroud

Dark'ning every sunny cloud
She doesn't know what to do

And I know that you've been hurting
What can I say, what can I do

To make it through to you...

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