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DROP DEAD GORGEOUS : There's No Business Like Snow Business lyrics

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DROP DEAD GORGEOUS lyrics : "There's No Business Like Snow Business"

Straight shots!
Poppin' bottles!
Sex sells more than drugs

It's like an out-of-body experience
It's something that's painfully real
It's enough to make you take your own life

Instead of trying to heal
From the sleepless nights,
the paranoia, the stress,

and the writer's block
A girl in the picture is not a good mixture
I'm trying but I can't ever stop

Lead me on
Why won't you lead me on?

Go on and lead me on
I got a plan (watch me fail)
You just walked away

I always admired your selfish ways

Addicts, alcoholics;

we're all liars, desperate liars
When you offer it you can't refuse it
It's too $#&@ing easy

Our knees are too weak
Make up your mind

How many cigarettes can we burn through?
How many lines of this can we blow through?
The light always finds a way to shine through

You can't ever stop
You have to
Shut the door

Shut your mouth
Keep it quiet
Break it out

Crack a smile, now you're wired

Just one more line

The night is gone
Snow White, Cinderella, poison apple, red all over

Straight shots!
Poppin' bottles!
Sex sells more than drugs

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