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Drive By lyrics : "America (chasing Ghosts)"

I'm stuck in America
So I'm calling everyone I know
Cause maybe they've seen you in their country

At the airport or a show
Last seen in Germany
Even the English know your name

I'm running faster than I ever have
And I am always late
I keep on missing you in New York

And now I'm praying for disease
I'm having heart attacks in hotel rooms
And I can't let it be

I can tell you've been here
Because I'm wading through debris
Your sending messengers and hostages

With codes and memories

Where did you go?

I've been searching, I've been chasing you so long
I cannot see you
I'm losing you, I'm losing you, you're gone

I've shown your photograph
To every person in this town

I even sought the help of psychics
But they only let me down
A private detective

I watch him follow every lead
Even the bugs that he had planted
Found their way into the sea

Please tell me where you've been
Your passports open, I'm closing in

I'm chasing ghosts and phantoms
Trails are cold and
I'm not closing in

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