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Dresden Dolls : Thirty Whacks lyrics

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Dresden Dolls lyrics : "Thirty Whacks"

Thirty licks with a belt - same old tricks on myself
And i wonder does everyone else live this way
A succession of tests a triumphant success

Each time im still intact at the end of the day

Thirty drops in a glass - keep my temper and pass

With my breath held you !@$(s you lucked out again!
Its not really so bad, there's still mom there's still
Damage to do before they wrest the axe from my hands

Its no mystery: you should obviously go
Before i break everything

You're always telling me that you're dying to know
But you're not really listening

How do i manage to station myself in harms way
And only get hit with a ticket for loitering
That i have no way to pay - and no strength to argue

My personal demons can scheme with professional care
Oh, god, they're after me
If i could shut them out just for an second

i swear
I could stop this catastrophe

Thirty day guarantee
But they can't have meant me
After all i was born to a childproof world

No sharp corners or glass,
Small objects or plastic bags
Please, these are death to a delicate girl

Its no mystery - you should obviously know
That i'll destroy everything

So don't go telling me that you're dying to know
Cause you'll get what you're asking for

And i still manage to station my self in harm's way
And only get hit with a ticket for loitering
Stating i came the wrong day

Now all the demons are screaming their wages aren't fair
I've left a secret kept
If i could shut them up just for a second i swear

It'll look like an accident
I could be decent yet
The magnificent end

I could be president....

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