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Dresden Dolls : The Tale Of A Very Sad End lyrics

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Dresden Dolls lyrics : "The Tale Of A Very Sad End"

It was eight years to come I forget it quite well

A fair pretty maiden in a cottage did dwell

She live with her parents all nice and serene

And her age was bright red and her hair was sixteen.

Now this maid had a lover who close by did dwell

A bandy legged ruffian and cross eyed as well

Said the lover to the maiden lets fly by yon star

For you are the eye of my apple you are

Said the maiden to the lover " oh lover be wise"

Else my father will scratch out your nails with his eyes

I'm sure you'll not leave me here in disgrace

As she said as she buried her hands in her face.

When the maiden refused him he knocked down the maid

And silently opened the knife of his blade

He cut then the throat of the maiden so fair

And he dragged her about by the head of her hair.

Then he father who was poor came out it appears

And he gazed at the site with eyes in his tears

He knelt down beside her, her fair face he kissed

Then he rushed with his nose at the murderers fist

With a knife then the old man an end to him put

And he kicked with his body the murderers foot

To commit suicide then his way he did wend.


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