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Dresden Dolls : The Perfect Fit lyrics

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Dresden Dolls lyrics : "The Perfect Fit"

I could make a dress
A robe fit for a prince
I could clothe a continent

But i can't sew a stitch

I can paint my face

And stand very very still
Its not very practical
But it still pays the bills

I can't change my name
But i could be your type

I can dance and win at games
Like backgammon and life

I used to be the smart one
Sharp as a tack
Funny how that skipping years ahead

Has held me back

I used to be the bright one

Top in my class
Funny what they give you when you
Just learn how to ask

I can write a song
But i can't sing in key

I can play piano
But i never learned to read

I can't trap a mouse
But i can pet a cat
No i'm really serious!

I'm really very good at that

I can't fix a car

But i can fix a flat
I could fix a lot of things
But i'd rather not get into that

I used to be the bright one
Smart as a whip

Funny how you slip so far when
Teachers don't keep track of it

I used to be the tight one
The perfect fit
Funny how those compliments can

Make you feel so full of it

I can shuffle cut and deal

But i can't draw a hand
I can't draw a lot of things
I hope you understand

I'm not exceptionally shy
But i've never had a man
That i could look straight in the eye

And tell my secret plans

I can take a vow

And i can wear a ring
And i can make you promises but
They won't mean a thing

Can't you do it for me, i'll pay you well
$#&@ i'll pay you anything if you could end this

Can't you just fix it for me, it's gone berserk...
$#&@ i'll give you anything if

You can make the damn thing work

Can't you just fix it for me, I'll pay you well,

$#&@ I'll pay you anything
If you can end this
Hello, i love you will you tell me your name?

Hello, i'm good for nothing - will you love me just the same?

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