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Dream Quest lyrics : "Magnified"

A story into legend
Brave man into a hero
Disorder into chaos

A mortal man becomes
A hellspawn or an angel
And all is different

Every thing has changed

Put your ear to the ground

Capture every sound
Of transmutation
An amplification

To the highest degree
An accelerated soul

What was before, no longer
What's now in store is stronger
Intensified, body and mind

Became a freak of humankind
Within his right to choose this?
Eternity may not agree

Take off your face, swallow the moon
If you don't see, can't be immune

What couldn't be done has now begun
Keep looking up to see what's won

Make sure it's worth the travels
Going in blind, no change of mind

A change is coming
Now it lays it's claim
On human nature

A substitution a mind set in it's way
Thus he kills his old self

Emerge from the husk of his old self
Magnified a hundred power
Centralia changes he

A powerhouse is born

Disorder into chaos

Good into a saint
Monster from a madman
A hero from the great

Everything is different
And everything has changed

Story into legend
A few into a swarm
Inflamed from an inferno

Tempest from a storm
Everything is different
And everything has changed

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