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Dream Quest lyrics : "Anthem Of The World"

Rise up children of Adam and sing for we have been
The darkness that overshadowed the Earth is clearing

Now look see what the future brings hope for all of
Evil has lost it's power and good will reign supreme

The battle is already won
The new era has begun

Hope -- hope that shines
Lighting up the darkest corners

Peace now in place
Evil set to waste away forever

Now we sing with a glad heart and chase away all the
Fears of a
World without purpose lacking a reason, vision

Earth cried out from the depths of her misery, she will
No longer weep
See the joy of creation the way it's meant to be

Praise be now to the one who has authored this shining
Kingdom come

Crown him master of Terra a mighty saviour
All hail now to His Majesty praise for we're given

The old tyrant is dead and forgotten - legions cast away

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