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DRAGONFORCE : cry for eternity lyrics

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DRAGONFORCE lyrics : "cry for eternity"

Falling from the sky now, a sign of the burning sun
Into the face of the evil one
Nowhere to hide now we're on the run right before your eyes

We're watching, we're waiting, our souls are forsaking
The sign of the warriors, where we will arise

Through the fire and the flames, breaking the chains
Into the night we go

Time to pay, time of the slain
Such as the death we know

Our steel will shine forever through the dark and falling rain!
We'll see them face their fears; it's time to rise again in everlasting pain

Fly free for what we believe

One thousands hearts bleeding the eternal dream
Feel me the judgement of me
So silently now they will heal - cry for eternity

See now the fallen are new again,
We feel the pain burn inside their head,

Remember now what to be again, deep down inside

Still cursing, still crawling, we're endlessly falling
The downfall of mankind, the fate of the sun

Hold your head to the sky, bleeding we cry
Screaming into the night
Fire and pain, beginning again,

Onwards to help me now!

Stand strong we'll live forever

Raging through the barren lands
Our eyes have seen the sorrow
Far across the stars, the power in our hearts

Fly far away to the end of our days
The voices of long distant cries
Now we remain in this labyrinth of pain

And so we ride into the night

Cry for eternity

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