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DR. DRE lyrics : "The Twenty Dollar Sack Pyramid"

Damn, it seems that always is somethin with the $#&@in TV, man!
I'm sorry!
Mother$#&@in' cable off

%#@!, I make it..., hey, bring me somethin to drink
Yeah, the mother$#&@in Crazy was to do, I don't worry
Damn, ain't %#@! on this mother$#&@er

Oh %#@!, what the $#&@ is this?

*show intro starts to play*

Hey, mother$#&@ers, welcome back to the 20 dolla Sack Pyramid
I'm your host mother$#&@in O.G. Henny Loug

And we're back with our two final contestants
Duck mother$#&@in Mouth and Bootny Lee Farnsworth
They'll be playin for a 20 dolla Sack of Indo

And a 35 dollar gift certificate to the Compton swap meet
Alright y'all beotches got 30 seconds to answer five mother$#&@in questions
Lonnie, you're ready wit that clock?

Well let the games begin

Alright, man, we got to do this %#@!, man

Hell yeah, man, $#&@ that the whole neighborhood is watchin
And everybody's watchin
We can do this %#@! right now

We gotta do this %#@! right now, O.K., you ready?
Hell yeah man, c'mon!
Hey man, you ready?

I'm ready
I'm ready, let's go!

*clock is ticking*

Indo! uhh ... uhhh ... Caby! .. uhhh Booter!

%#@!, %#@! I used to sell ... uhhhm
Hocus Pocus
Oh, things that people smoke!

Right! That's it that's it

Oh, oh $#&@ me in the $$#

Oh, Oh, step to me and let me suck your dick
Oh, things that Tim Dawg was sayin
Yeah, that's it right now

Oh yeah!
C'mon keep goin, man, hurry up!

Uhh, uhh, VCRs, oh, TVs and %#@!
All them sox and %#@!
Oh, that box in your room and %#@!

Oh, Oh, I %#@! came up on loot!
That's it, that's it right there
Yeah, that's it c'mon hurry up, man, hurry up

Uhh, En Vogue, oh, Halle, Halle, Halle Berry
%#@!, (*##$es? oh, bad (*##$es?

Yo, uhh, your Auntie Clarisse
Oh, (*##$es I wanna $#&@
That %#@! right there, that %#@!

C'mon, hurry up we got five seconds
O.K., O.K., oh, oh, I know Doc
Dre gonna do my music and %#@!, uhh, uhh

Snoop and me, we go to the swap meet
Oh! oh, I know, I know!
Things that ^!$$%z be sayin to get the #~!!@!

That's it, that's it right there!

That %#@!, That %#@!

Gimme my mother$#&@in weed, Gimme my mother$#&@in weed!
It's alright, baby!

Gimme my weed, gimme my 35 dollars to go to the mother$#&@in swap meet! Biittch! Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh ...

I'm in the money, I'm in the money, I'm in the money, I'm in the money!!!!

* show theme song outro *

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