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DR. DRE : The Car Bomb lyrics

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DR. DRE lyrics : "The Car Bomb"

And now, The Car Bomb.

[Mel-Man]Yo, Re-Re, come on man, letæ?¯ get the $#&@ up out of here, man.

[Charis Henry]All right baby, all right Speedy, Iæ?¦ coming, damn!
[Mel-Man]Took a mother$#&@in?hour to get dressed, I told you I was gonna be here over this mother$#&@er, I wanna be in and out. Now, donæ?° $#&@ around over here.
[Charis Henry]And baby, Iæ?¦ lookin good, all right, Iæ?¦ lookin good

[Mel-Man]Iæ?¦ sayin, $#&@ that man, Iæ?¦ tryin to get the $#&@ up out of here, man.
[Charis Henry]All right, all right, Iæ?¦ comin! Damn! %#@!!
[Mel-Man]Yo, yo! Yo, hold it, hold it! Whassup, this %#@!? You know the people right there? You know those

Mother$#&@ers right there?
[Charis Henry]No ^!$$%, I donæ?° know, you paranoid...
[Mel-Man]What the $#&@ they lookin at? Iæ?¦ sayin you ainæ?° seen the mother$#&@ers ridin past lookin all at me and %#@!!

[Charis Henry]^!$$%, you trippin, now you trippin...aw, ^!$$% you trippin, letæ?¯ go, scary-ass ^!$$% you hidin?somethin, letæ?¯ keep...
[Mel-Man]Man, $#&@ that man, get in the car, man
[Charis Henry]Aw, [email protected]#$

[Mel-Man]Told you donæ?° $#&@ around over here and %#@!
[Charis Henry]Whatever... (tries to start car) Aw...
(tries to start car)

[Mel-Man]Damn, what the $#&@æ?¯ up with this %#@!?
[Charis Henry]You didnæ?° put no gas in this raggedy mother$#&@er, [email protected]#$! (tries to start car)
[Mel-Man]I just got a tune-up the other day, man! My %#@! and all that.

[Charis Henry]Haha...ainæ?° this a (*##$, pined-out Pete. (tries to start car) Letæ?¯ keep, oh my goodness
[Mel-Man]Man, shut the $#&@ up, let me start my mother$#&@in %#@!
[Charis Henry](tries to start car)

$#&@ you, ^!$$%, take me...

(Loud BOOM as car explodes)

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