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DR. DRE : Loose Cannons lyrics

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DR. DRE lyrics : "Loose Cannons"

All my life, I've been down to ride
Till I kept it real and I stayed alive with no compromise
And I fantasize about the baddest (*##$ and being between her thighs

Then I woke up and realized this is my mother$#&@in' real life

[Dr. Dre:]

You know where the $#&@ I'm from
From that mutha$#&@in' legendary
From the city where the ^!$$%s load clips and fats and get stabbed at home room should've skipped that class

%#@! will never change on the West Side
Jack your %#@!, take your car for a test drive (Ah %#@!)
Gangbanin' out the window hollering let's ride

Gotta keep a tec by the bedside
These ^!$$%s don't know my life
All this pain and what I sacrificed

And all my ^!$$%s that lost their life, you never die, you never die
I'm in that mother$#&@in' one for a minute now
All y'all lil' ^!$$%s need to simmer down

Shut the $#&@ up, I'm the one that's killing now
Take a look who on top of the pinnacle

R.I.P to KMG
I'm still gonna murder, and don't give a $#&@ where the body at
You do too much talkin' I walk in the building I just give a $#&@ where the money at

They trust me it's only just one of them
I'm callin' them shots and makin' the plays and if you get a train better $#&@ with him

I keep it gangsta, y'all testin my patience
Got me feelin' so anxious, I be lookin' so facetious
Feel like running a capre

(Wait, hold up I got next)

(What up X)
Spent my birthday in Dubai
Skyrise surprise and I'm dressed like a spy

Black tux, oh you $#&@s guess what, I'm ready to blow
(Yo, oh no)
I hang that 6-2 sideways

Pissin' off the neighbors scrapin' bumpin' in the driveway
You gave me the pistol told me to kill at will
(Blow, yo, oh no)

(I couldn't give a $#&@)
Literally, cashed out just livin' to me
Blast it like a Kennedy beat

Wanna get rid of 'em? Send them to me
While I'm just over here cozy holdin' these double D's
She book smart with [email protected]$^ographic abilities

(Well I don't know what you know
But I know I got that %#@!)
These mother$#&@ers still talking? $#&@ 'em!

That's why they bring X and the guillotine out
To stop these (*##$es ^!$$%s from runnin' their mouth
(It's bout time somebody said something)

[Cold 187um:]
One in the glove, one in the clip, one in the chamber

One on the dash, one in the stash, ready for danger
I'm ready to die I can't control this $#&@in' anger
Ah %#@!, somebody better $#&@in' stop me

Cause I'm a loose cannon that can't stand myself I'm bad for my own health
You ^!$$%s really think I give a $#&@ about somebody else ($#&@ em')
I swear to god I'ma do it, back the $#&@ up I'ma do it, I swear to god I'ma lose it

Baby, baby
What the $#&@ are you doing? Put the gun down

Really? Are you doin' this %#@! to me again?
(Oh my God)
You is so $#&@ed up for this

($#&@ It)
(Wait, wait, wait, wait)
I'm sorry!

Don't point the $#&@in' gun on me!
Okay, put the $#&@in' gun down!
No, no, no, no!!

Alright, I got her legs
Man this (*##$ is heavy
You gotta get under her armpits
Shut the $#&@ up, I got it

What the, what the $#&@ did you guys do?
It was this ^!$$%
%#@!, matter of fact you know what you go dig the $#&@in' hole this time
I don't give a $#&@ it will be the first $#&@in' hole I ever dug

Who the $#&@ is that?
I don't know, ask $#&@in' Charles Manson right here
Oh, oh, you're tryin' to be funny? You're really $#&@in' tryin' to be funny right now?
Shh, shh, shut your $$# up
This is bad

This is, this is $#&@ing bad man
$#&@ it, let's start digging

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