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DR. DRE lyrics : "Let Me Ride"

Creepin' down the back street on Deez
I got my glock @@#!ed cuz ^!$$%z want these
Now soon as I said it, seems I got sweated

By some ^!$$% with a tech 9 tryin' to take mine
ya wanna make noise, make noise
I make a phone call my ^!$$%z comin' like the Gotti boys

bodies bein' found on Greenleaf
with their $#&@in heads cut off, mother$#&@er i'm Dre
so listen to the play-by-play, day-by-day

rollin' in my '4 with 16 switches
And got sounds for the (*##$es, clockin' all the riches
Got the hollow points for the snitches

So would you just walk on by, cuz I'm too hard to lift
and no this ain't Aerosmith
It's the mother$#&@in D-R-E, from the CPT

on a ryhmin' spree, a straight G
Hop back as i pop my top ya trip
I let the hollow points commence to POP POP POP

yeah, cuz if it don't stop
I have to put my %#@! in reverse go back and take anothers stop
Cause I'm (Rollin in my six-fo')

with all the ^!$$%z sayin


Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride
hell yeah

Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride
with all the ^!$$%z sayin
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

Hell yeah
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

Verse Two:

just another mother$#&@in day for Dre so I begin like this

No medallions, dreadlocks, or black fists it's just
that gangster glare, with gangster raps
that gangster %#@!, that makes the gang of snaps, uhh

word to the mother$#&@in streets
and word to these hyped $$# lyrics and dope beats, that I
hit ya with that I, get ya with

as I groove in my four on deez, hittin the switches
(*##$es relax while I get my proper swerve on
bumpin like a mother$#&@er ready to get my serve on

but before I hit the dope spot
I gotta get the chronic, the Reme Martin and my soda pop
Now I'm smellin like indo-nesia

bus stop full of fly (*##$es and skeezers
on my dick, cause my four on hit
pancake front and back, side to side and all that %#@!

So when I crawl I comes correct
Now, if your (*##$ in my %#@!, it's your (*##$ you check ^!$$%
Now let the Chevrolet slide

As I dip a ^!$$% trip to the south side, yeah
(Rollin in my six-fo') with all the (*##$es sayin


Verse Three:

Check this out
The sun went down when I hit Slausson

on my way to the strip, now I'm just flossin
Checkin my rearview, cause ^!$$%z they will do
jack moves, black fools cause I smack fools

Try to set me up for a two-eleven
$#&@ around and get caught up in a one-eight-seven
but I don't represent no gangbang

Some ^!$$%z like lynchin but I just watch them hang
so on, and so-on, why don't you let me roll on
I remember back in the dayz when I used to have to get my stroll on

Didn't nobody wanna speak; now everybody
peepin out they windows when they hear me beatin up the streets
Is it Dre? Is it Dre?

That's what they say, every single mother$#&@in day, yo
But I ain't trippin I'm just kickin it
While my deez keep spinnin and these hoes keep grinnin I'll be
(Rollin in my six-fo') With everybody sayin

(Chorus: to end)

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