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DR. DRE lyrics : "Detox"

Spoken: Eminem as Bin Laden]
Oh Dr Dre. Or should I say Dr Gay.
You are very bad man, you diss the wrong mother$#&@er. You think Osama won't diss you black biaaatch.

[verse 1:]
Things just ain't the same for Osama,

Since the World Trade Bombings,
And the Pentagon got the world calling
Me to kill all of congress, like...[blurred]

The Strangest things can happen to an Afghan
When people get wrapped up in Islam and Allah,
Then some %#@!eaters fly planes and wreak havoc,

Then go drop the blame on Bin Laden.
Now I got a !@$)got-ass rapper attacking me
With this gangsta rap, like I'm not gonna battle,

Dr Dre? The man wasn't done %#@! since NWA
And gave Eazy-E AIDS.
Don't make shoot night on your fat $$#,

You homo$#&@, you ain't the only one goin' platinum.
Osama Bin Laden, keeping it gangsta,
$#&@ Dr Dre, I'm the Aftermath.

Everywhere that I go ain't the same as before,

People I used to know just don't know me no more
And everywhere that I go, I got people I know,
Who've got people they know, so I suggest you lay low.

[verse 2:]
Oh Dr Dre look at you, you fool

I use your own rap against you, and I'm better.
Lick my balls, til they are dry,
Sorry... come again.

Things just ain't the same for Bin Laden,
This planet hates me more than Michael Jackson,
Hating on the Taliban for keeping me captive,

Threatening to find my little cave and blast it,
Now I've got to worry about this wannabe gansta,
Who pays other rappers to write his wack %#@!,

Everyone knows that your beats are helped man,
And you'll never blow by yourself man.
Sorry, you'd blow... blow @@#!s,

Use the hole as a straw and blow sperm out your nostrils.
I don't give a hurried $#&@, call Slim Shady,
Snoop Dogg, D.O.C, Wren and Jay-Z,

To write a verse, $#&@ I'll do it for ya,
You still lick dick, this is Booshu Babara.
Do you know who, do you know what, do you know who?

Let's keep this between me and you.




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