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DR. DRE : Deep Cover lyrics

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DR. DRE lyrics : "Deep Cover"

[SDD] {*Snoop inhales*} Hit this mother$#&@er G
[Cop] No, naw man, I can't $#&@ with that
[SDD] Aww MAN, I been dealin witchu for three mother$#&@in months

[SDD] You ain't hit the pipe in front of me yet!
[Cop] So what you sayin?
[SDD] I think you five-oh!

[Cop] Five-oh? Man I ain't no mother$#&@in cop!
[SDD] Well hit dis mother$#&@er den!

{*pipe lights up*} ("I can feel it!")

[Dr. Dre] + (Snoop)

Tonight's the night I get in some %#@! (yeahhh)
+Deep Cover+ on the incognito tip
Killin mother$#&@ers if I have to, peelin caps too

cause you ^!$$%z know I'm comin at you
I guess that's part of the game; but I feel for the ^!$$%
who think he just gon' come and change thangs

With the swiftness, so get it right with the quickness
And let me handle my business, yo
I'm on a mission and my mission won't stop

Until I get the ^!$$% maxin at the top
(I hope you get his $$# 'fore he drop)
Kingpin kickin back while his workers slang his rocks

Coming up like a fat rat
Big money, big cars, big bodyguards on his back
So it's difficult to get him

(But I got the hook up with somebody
who knows how to get in contact with him)
Hit him like this and like that

Let 'em know that I'm lookin for a big fat dope sack
With ends to spend, so let's rush it
If you want to handle it tonight, we'll discuss it

On a ^!$$%'s time, and a ^!$$%'s place
Take my strap just in case one of his boys recognize my face
Cause he's a sheisty mother$#&@er

But I gives a $#&@; cause I'm going +Deep Cover+

[Chorus: Dr. Dre] + (Snoop)

Yeah, and you don't stop
(Cause it's 1-8-7 on a undercover cop)
Yeah, and you don't stop

(Cause it's 1-8-7 on a undercover cop)

[Snoop Doggy Dogg] + (Dre)

Creep with me, as I crawl through the hood
Maniac, lunatic, call me Snoop Eastwood
Kickin dust as I bust, $#&@ peace

And, the mother$#&@in punk police
You already know I gives a $#&@ about a cop
So why in the $#&@ would you think that it would stop?

Plot, yeah, that's what we's about to do
Take yo' $$# on a mission with the boys in blue
Dre (whattup Snoop?) Yo, I got the feelin

Tonight's the night like Betty Wright, and I'm chillin
Killin, feelin, no remorse, yeah
So lets go straight to the mother$#&@in source

And see what we can find
Crooked-ass cops that be gettin ^!$$%z a gang of time
And now they wanna make a deal with me

Scoop me up and put me on they team and chill with me
.. and make my pockets bigger
They want to meet with me tonight at seven o'clock (so whassup ^!$$%?)

What you wanna do? (What you wanna do?)
I got the gauge, a uzi, and my mother$#&@in twenty-two
So if you wanna blast, ^!$$% we can buck 'em

If we stick 'em then we struck 'em, so $#&@ 'em!
("I can feel it!")


[Snoop Doggy Dogg] + (Dre)

Six-fo'-five was the time on the clock
When me and my homey belled in the parkin lot
The scene looked strange and it felt like a set up

(Better not be, cause if it is they gettin lit up!)
Oh - here they come from the back in they 'llacs
I'm checkin for the gats they strap, so whassup black?
(Chill, let's hear the deal
If it ain't up to what you feel then grab your steel)

Right, so, what you mother$#&@ers gon' come at me with?
Hope you ain't wantin none of my grip
Cause you can save that %#@! (guess what they told me?)
"We give you 20 G's if you snitch on your homey
We'll put you in a home, and make your life plush

Oh yeah, but you got to sell dope for us."
Hmmm, let me think about it
Turned my back and grabbed my gat
and guess what I told him before I shot it:
"If you don't quit, yeah, if you don't stop, yeah

I'm lettin my gat pop - cause it's 1-8-7 on a undercover cop!"

[Chorus] - repeat to fade

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