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DR DRE lyrics : "Natural Born Killaz"

(feat. Ice Cube)
[Dr. Dre]
Journey with me

Into the mind of a maniac
Doomed to be a killer
Since I came out the nutsac

I'm in a murderous mindsate
With a heart full of terror
I see the devil in the mirror

BUCK BUCK, Lights out
Cause when I get my sawed off
^!$$%z get hauled off [Ice Cube:] haha barrel one

Touches your mother$#&@in flesh [Ice Cube:] barrel two
Shoots your $#&@in heart out your chest
You see I'm quick to let the hammer go click

On my Tec-9 so if you try to reck mine
Fool it's your bad time
Feel the blast of the chocolate bomber

Infra red aimed at your head
Like your name was Sarah Conner
Decapitatin I ain't hesitatin

To put you in the funderal home
With a bullet in your dome
I'm hot like lava

You got a problem?
I got a problem solver
And his name is revolver

It's like a deadly game of freeze tag
I touch you with a 44 mag
And your frozen inside a boddy bag

Nobody iller
Than this graveyard filler
Cap peeler

Cause I'm a Natural Born Killa

[Ice Cube]

Terror illistrates my era
Now I cant hang around my momma
Cause I scare her

I'm quick to blast mother$#&@er
[Dr. Dre:] yeah what's up
It feels like I'm bustin a nut

When I open you up
Cause your body is exposed to the midnight mist
All you weak mother$#&@ers give my ring a kiss

Cause I'm givin dirt naps
Comin with them bomb $$# raps
To make your lungs collapse

Perhaps, you never sleep
Cause evertime you doze
You catch blows to the mother$#&@in nose

Ain't seen the sun, in 66 days
Let me count the ways in a $#&@ed up maze
I never ever ever made a hoe stay

But I'm down with Dre
Like AC is down with OJ
So $#&@ how your livin

I'm the unforgivin
Psycho drivin

It's authentic
Don't panic
I can't stand it

God Damn it
So $#&@ Charlie Manson

I'll snatch him out of his truck
Hit 'em with a brick
And I'm dancin

Mass Murderer, Natural Born Killla,

And I don't wanna die


[Ice Cube]
I dont understand the logic in my dreams
But I understand I like the sound of Sireens

Terrified screams from the streams
Of Strycnine
Dumpin on any mother$#&@er tryin to trick mine
Cause mother$#&@ers wanna violate
Now they stiff and cold

And they pupils won't dialate
I can hear his bones break

He steps in the single door
Gets his $$# whipped with 20 lashes
Like that dude up in Singapore
So I'm a pull a $#&@in Jeffrey Dahmer
Now I'm suicidal, just like Nirvana

[Dr. Dre]
Tic Toc
Toc Tic Toc Tic
Dr. Dre and Ice Cube on some murderous %#@!
Keepin ^!$$%z in order

Makin there live shorter
Ready to slaughter
Cause to me a life ain't worth a quarter
Or a dime
Mushroom's got my mind
Ain't no debatin

I'm creatin an escape
Route to be out without a doubt
Scot Free, so don't even think about tryin to stop me
Cause I can't wait
I'm out the gate
On the for realla
A thrilla

Or a Natural Born Killa

[Ice Cube]
Gi-Gi Gi-Gi Ga-Ga
They call me Da-Da
6 million ways to murder
choose one

Lose one soul
Bodies turn cold
Natural fright from ^!$$%z goin bump in the night

Should I peely
Should I kill her in my iller
Then a Natural Born Killa

[repeats 3x]

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