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DR DRE lyrics : "As The World Keeps Turning"

(feat. Where)

As the world keeps turning, chronic keeps burning
(This ain't no) street sermon, these ^!$$%s are determined

[Verse 1:Where]

I flow like CD's in the deck
Moosh fools in the face that lack respect
Protect ya arm, pitch from the funk

I deodirise the musty, ya rhymes are crusty, you can't bust G
So leave me alone I'm in the zone
Walkin the streets on my own, ^!$$% get blown

Some ^!$$%s say that ^!$$% Where is gone
But I'm low in the cut and gotta microphone
Are you gone bust or play bones?

You mother$#&@in clone, get off that ^!$$%'s style and get'cha own
It's Miscellane and it's on again
For the ^!$$%s that slept, they shoulda stayed in step

And kept ya big $#&@in mouth shut


[Verse 2:Where]

I woke up with a stomach ache, headache, back ache
Advil, Tylenol, Peptol, slept so long realised my world is wrong
My world is gone like disco

Blowin up Cisco and in my Cammo
Standin in back of me was my soul
Thinking of the easiest way to get a bank roll

Knowledge is urban-able, exhaust manifold
A tar can of hos to lubricate my system quick
Shaky (*##$es off the dick

Cos she got a vice grip on the flow from my lips
I'm slow but equipped with the proper tools
Show me the one talkin %#@! so I can drop a fool

I'm out to glow a ^!$$% roll if he think he Mr CREAM
Come back on the scene and smoke a phillie, G
I really dream of gettin mine now let me tell you what's silly

Me, buckin with my team is murder one
I heard a gun bustin shots (SHOTS!), down the block (BLOCK!)
I guess a ^!$$% gettin what he got (GOT!)

%#@! is heavy like a medicine ball and broke ^!$$%s to smoke ^!$$%s
I'll $#&@ one for y'all, they made ya last phone call
To a trick that didn't even care

Cos she was gettin $#&@ed somewhere, you're stuck in there
Now you wanna bust, ^!$$%, now you wanna kill, ^!$$% (^!$$%)
^!$$% how ya feel? (^!$$%)

You can't try to be real (You can't try to be real)
%#@! is for real


[Verse 3:Where]

I'm cooler than most, but I got the shorter temper
And I'm cooler than foes that don't know how it goes

Let's take it back to the first side
When you was a new jack and jockin my new track
But you was wrong, didn't know about the big long

Head-strong, nicknamed Dav from off the school yard
Witta teenage group I'm turnin loots to tracks
Me and my ^!$$%s like

(These tracks are laced with bomb weed and tight lyrics)
You wanna know what the hos used to do
When me and my crew came bustin through

All sorts of blushins brew
(A neighbourhood find, a gift too swift, Miscellane is the crew)
Underground till my brown eyed balls turned blue

This is for the (*##$es and ^!$$%s that wanna front
I smoke on, I broke on till I spoke on
Miscellane packin shows like Farrakhan

Where is on another level with two ^!$$%s that's on the same plateau
Now that's three times your tightest flow
And three times ya tightest track, three times your fattest sack
Three times is clever (BUCK!)

[Chorus x 2]


Thou shalt rest in grief who lay buried in the belt

Barely included work, leaves bodies scarred and hurt
To art in hell, where the next man dwells
The place with stankin #~!!@ and crack rock dwells

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