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Doyle Lawson lyrics : "When I'm Knee Deep In Bluegrass"

(Verse 1)
Everything I own is in my old Ford, except what's on my back
I got one more stop before I go to pick up my last check

And I'll leave a note that says goodbye to my good ol' gal named Fae
I'd like to see her one more time but it would take another day

When I'm knee deep in bluegrass, then I'll be satisfied
I don't care if it's bottom land or rocky mountain high

Any part of old Kentucky's home sweet home to me
Knee deep in bluegrass is where I want to be

(Verse 2)
I can see uncle Bill, sitting on the porch, pickin' at his old banjo

Looking out across the field, watching his green corn grow
There's nothing more I'm waiting for than to see this road unwind
When the city lights are lying in the miles I've left behind


(Verse 3)
Cincinatti's gonna hear hear my Ford as we go rolling through
But the only thing they'll see of us is just a cloud of blue

These wheels ain't gonna make stop in no other town
Until i know my feet can touch that good Kentucky ground


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