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Downhere : Turn This Around lyrics

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Downhere lyrics : "Turn This Around"

Clearly, this is out of my control
Tried every solution, still feels impossible
It's a cycle and I'm stuck playing a part

Can't fix the trail I've left behind or mend a broken heart

If there's hope for the helpless

Would You answer me?
I'm asking for a miracle, because I believe
Only You can turn this around

I'm at the end and falling fast
A moment to redeem
Only You can turn this

Only You can turn this
Only You can turn this around

It's not a case of "Doctor, heal thyself!"
So insidious the symptoms;
No one can even tell

But I feel the toxins in my veins
And deeper routed through my heart
I don't want to stay the same

If there's healing for the broken
Save me from me

I'm calling on the Man of Sorrows,
Acquainted with grief
Can You make a change in me?

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