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Downhere : Reveal The Kingdom lyrics

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Downhere lyrics : "Reveal The Kingdom"

From the ashes, and the dust,
We have found where we belong
Renewed our bonds, of soul and voice,

We cry out our anthem song
Be thou our strength, to carry through
The hope of grace and bear the truth

As we wait for you to

Reveal the unseen Kingdom

The glory of the new Son
Where ever more His love imparts
The kingdom in our hearts

Reveal the Kingdom
And reveal the Kingdom
Reveal the Kingdom

Though we are strangers,
We must not appall

But rise to answer the call
Tis whose life compels us to serve in love
The same who died for us all.

And rose to be our strength, and carry through
The cross of grace, and bear the truth
May we live, may we live to

Exsiccatum est foenum, et cecidit flos;
Verbum autem Domini nostri manet in aeternum

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