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Downhere : Rest lyrics

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Downhere lyrics : "Rest"

Does each new day seem harder than the last one?
Are you weary in well-doing?
And if you pray, do the words sounds like a rerun - a cliche?

And the constant ache is wearing out your faith


Come to me, you tired and heavy-laden
Come to me with all your weariness
Here with me is where you'll find your haven

And I will give you rest
Yes, I will give you rest

Are you afraid that you've gone too far to come back?
Wondering who could love you now
You never dreamed you'd fall this far to doubt that

You could let it go and live again

Well, I can show you how

All you weary, all you broken
Come to me, my arms are open
Come to me, and I

Yes, I will give you rest

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