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Downhere : Reconcile lyrics

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Downhere lyrics : "Reconcile"

We've both been mistreated,
no wish to repeat this
You're sorry - you wonder

If ever I'll show you grace again

My vision is tunneled,

my motives, oh so rageful
But the mirror I'm reading
Says "forgive, and then forgive again"

Though there's a wrong
A grudge will tear us down

We wait too long, the air turns stale
Will we reconcile?
It's all we're needing... reconcile

It's all we're needing
to mend these broken smiles

Oh miserable me, miserable you
The walls erected between us
You keep your side, I'll not intrude

And we'll get used to this denial
Turn our heads and wait a while

Much too long, the air turns stale
Will we reconcile?

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