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Doomshade lyrics : "Atonement"

False prophets preach to you about what will be.
Send all your money they beg and plead.
Raise your hands to the sky, pray with me.

Obscene thoughts behind your yes will be your demise

Now you just set there and cry

Sins that you can not deny

Politics and money, all that you see.

Use certain people, you watch them bleed.
Rule with an iron fist, you're the king.
Lie cheat and steal for your own needs.

How do you smile when you lie?
Things that you learned in your life.

Power praise, take away, feed the vain, to your brain
Sinful shame, play your games, hell awaits, feed the flames

Live fast and die young, all that you crave.
Rather feel the rush of lust and be brave.

No remorse for yourself or the ones you know.
It's caught up with you, you die alone.

Where do you go when you die?
Down into the afterlife.

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