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Donots lyrics : "Watch You Fall"

It� what you say
And you don� do
Nothing� sacred

And you�e nothing new
You spend your time
Wasting your time

And I know you hate it
When I don� do
You�e blaming me

For what you don� get done
It� the envy
Standing between you and your fun

You�e so careful
About not caring at all
How many angels

Does it take to catch your fall?
Yeah, I got you figured out
Yeah, I know what you�e all about

And you bring me down
You bring me down
You �e found a place

Where you belong
Get out of here no
Don� get me wrong

You�e found a way
To kill your time
Get out of here now

And don� kill mine
You bring me down
As I watch you fall

You bring me down
Down, Down
You bring me down

Yes you do
How deep can you fall?

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