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Donots lyrics : "That's Armageddon"

Go, play it safe
Nothing� complicated
The concept� clear

Spoon-fed and sedated
Yeah, I know ignorance is bliss
You never broke the rules

How many $$#es can you kiss
To become the king of fools?

All the wasted time
That� armageddon
Keep yourself in line

And you�e getting nowhere fast

In your small world

Thinking� overrated
No question� asked
You�e never agitated

Are you content with what you know?
These handcuffs fit you so fine

Happy-go-lucky prisoner
Keep smiling - you�e only dying

You�e scared of what you?l never see
The person you can� be
And the places you would never go

Everything that you don� know
You?l never grow

Time?the time?

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