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Donots lyrics : "Nothing Left"

nd this is not the Way a Conversation works, no!
Yeah, I just can't believe you've lost it!
A couple of years ago it all seemed to make more sense

But today every argument's wasted
And every word is one too much - what happened to you'
Yeah, what about your good ideas?

I thought you had the masterplan to save the world,
Yeah but it seems there's no more tension here
And I wonder who you want to be

The fire fades away
And I know there's nothing left to say

I miss my friend from yesterday!
And I want to know when you've become so superficial
Yeah, so much for your revolution!

And your raised fist, it turned into a common handshake
Tell me where is the man with a mission?
Friend from yesterday (repeated)

Where are you?

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Thanks to alexandrap