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DONNIE KLANG : Not A Love Song lyrics

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DONNIE KLANG lyrics : "Not A Love Song"

From justing looking at your face
Gives me a natural high
It's not to inrich you got me open wide

I'm so caught up in you girl
There's no alibi feeling guilty cause I'm pleeding for you I never felt this way before
Girl this isn't typical

There's no cutting you lose
Your always on my mind every day and night
Baby I'm a victim of you this ain't a love song (love song)

Just a note to you I'm just being true
Baby this what you do
This ain't a love song (love song)

Got me losing all my cool
Baby I just want to be with you
No body got me the way that you got me

My affection is how my so addicted to you
This ain't a love song (love song)
Just a note to you

This is what you do
It's true this ain't a love song girl you got me losing all my sense of pride
Only took one night before I say good bye

Can't think of a reason why this isn't right
You really got a hold on me

I feel for you hands on the clock stop
When you come around me baby
I just can't move, paralyzed by your kiss

True lips those hips feels like m drowning
Rain on you can't fight you taking over me
And I can't resisted it there ain't no hope

I just want to let you know this is how it goes
Saying that it ain't a love song

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